Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are The Extreme TSA Pat-Downs Another "Green Scheme"?

Just recently, a 95 year old woman with cancer was forced, by a TSA airport screener, to shed her soiled adult diaper for inspection in what can only be considered the ultimate embarrassment in a series of embarrassing tactics being used by Homeland Security. Everyday, travelers are having their "privates" groped by a bunch of non-medical personnel of the TSA. And, if you're not being groped, you're being scanned by a device that literally gives any viewing TSA agent an opportunity at sexual voyeurism because the images are just that revealing.

Call me the super cynic but isn't it possible that there is a more sinister reason behind this intentional embarrassment of our traveling public than simply trying to prevent terrorism?

Initially, it was my belief that all these pat downs and extra screenings were part of a planned move by this labor-supported Administration to grow the overall number of TSA agents; and, I still believe this to be true. This is especially true in light of the fact that the Obama Administration gave the green light for the TSA to unionize.

But, now, I think there's another reason. I think it is being done for environmental reasons in the hope to discourage overall air travel. I know my wife refuses to fly because of these pat-downs and those "nude" scans. When you really think about it, commercial aircraft are big greenhouse gas polluters and Obama and his little green minions are totally fixated on fighting climate change. For sure, any reduced air traffic would definitely fit the bill in saving the planet.

OK, maybe I'm wrong. But, if am, don't you think that the Department of Homeland Security would "cool it" in an effort to avoid all the bad press they've been getting?

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