Monday, August 31, 2015

Terrorists from Gitmo: Not in My Backyard!

There's that old saying: "One rotten apple will spoil the whole barrel".  So, what happens when you have a whole bunch of rotten apples.

Apparently, in a last ditch effort to fulfill President Obama's long overdue promise to close Guantanamo Bay, the Pentagon is now engaged in a desperate attempt to find one or more U.S. prisons that could "securely" hold the remaining 127 "worst-of-the-worst" prisoners that no country will take.

But, here's the problem, and why Gitmo should not be closed.

We already have a radicalization problem in our U.S. prisons.  Segments of the population are becoming gang members and joining groups like the Aryan Nation.  More importantly, inmates are being converted to radical Islam at an astonishing rate.  In the U.S., Muslims make up less than one percent of the population at 2.4 million.  Yet, in prison, the number has reached 15%; mostly through conversion.

Do we really want to accelerate this process by adding 127 fully radicalized terrorists to our existing prison population?  This gives home-grown terrorism a whole new meaning.


"One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”:

Pentagon is on the hunt in U.S. for Guantanamo replacement:

Prisons are breeding grounds for jihadists:

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hillary: When It Comes To Abortion, GOP are Terrorists

Last I heard, terrorists kill people.  So, it is interesting that Hillary Clinton would have said the following at a recent campaign rally:
"Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world, but it's a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States."
Only in Hillary's upside-down world are the Republicans (the GOP) all a bunch of terrorists for wanting to protect the lives of the unborn; and the practice of killing defenseless babies is the norm that we should all somehow protect, encourage, and even celebrate.  But, who are the real terrorists?  Is it the doctors that perform an estimated 1+ million abortions each year; and the 58+ million since the Row v. Wade Supreme Court decision?  Or is it Planned Parenthood that commits a full one third of all abortions?  Or is it Hillary, who is just fine with the prior three facts?

Finally, I would like to remind her that there are a lot of women -- 46% according to Gallup -- who are against abortion.  In that same polling, Gallup only found 47% being self-ascribed pro choice; mostly (80%) who don't practice any religion.  Let's stop trying to make this a widely held belief among women as a normal health issue that's on the level of, say, having a mammogram.


On women's health, Clinton compares Republicans to 'terrorist groups':

Planned Parenthood Abortion Facts:

US Abortion Clock:

57762169 Abortions in America Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973:

Gallup:  Americans Misjudge U.S. Abortion Views:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Really? White House: "Shooting an all too common' example of gun violence"

Following the recent live-televised shooting of a TV reporter and her cameraman in Virginia, the White House Press Secretary repeated the lie that gun violence is becoming "all too common".

Well, you can file the headline to this blog under "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it".  A quote that is attributed to Hitler's propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

The fact is that gun violence has become substantially less common in this country. As National Public Radio (NPR) reported, the Obama's Bureau of Justice noted:
"Firearm-related homicides dropped from 18,253 homicides in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011 and nonfatal firearm crimes dropped from 1.5 million victimizations in 1993 to 467,300 in 2011."

This only shows that the White House will lie through its teeth to promote their gun control agenda.  Or, for that matter, every agenda they have ever put forward.


Vester Lee Flanagan II, aka Bryce Williams, Named as Suspect in Live TV Shooting in Virginia:

White House: Shooting an 'all too common' example of gun violence:

Joseph Goebbels Quotes:

Rate Of U.S. Gun Violence Has Fallen Since 1993, Study Says:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Death of Cable and Satellite TV?

For decades, subscriber TV services such as cable and satellite had a simple business model. They created "packages" of bundled local and subscriber-only TV stations. The entry level was the version of "basic" TV with on-air local stations and a variety of other subscriber-only stations like CNN, CNBC, USA, and TBS.  But, "basic" never included all the stations you and others might really want to watch.  The same with other more premium packages. As a result, you were forced to buy the next higher package in order to fulfill your desired entertainment experience.

As a result, the Nielson reports that the cable/satellite subscriber pays for an average of 189 channels.  Now, here's the kicker.  Nielson also found that the average subscriber only regularly watches 17 channels, and for that privilege, they pay approximately $64 a month.  Satellite subscribers pay even more. For example, the average DirecTV bill is $107 a month.  On top of that, you still get bombarded with constant commercial interruptions.

Starting in 2007, the rise in cable/satellite subscribers began to slow. In the first quarter of 2007, year-over-year growth peaked at 2.7%.  By the second quarter of 2011, it actually went negative.  This year, subscriber declines are accelerating with a negative five-tenths of a percent growth in the first quarter; and, a negative seven-tenths of a percent in quarter two.  Tenths-of-a-percent might not seem like a lot, until you consider the fact that this is a compounding of declines.

Even so, cable/satellite companies keep raising prices at rates that far exceed wage growth in America.  Last year, real wages -- wages after inflation -- only grew by six-tenths of a percent. Yet, early in this year, DirecTV nailed its customers with an average 5.7% increase in prices. This stupidity in pricing increases ignores the fact that, by doing so, subscribers are forced to seek other choices.  Today, viewers have many more optioms to choose from when they cut the cable cord or rip the dish off the roof.

For less than a third of the cost of DirecTV, people can sign up for these three services -- Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime -- and use an antenna for local stations and probably get 90% of the programming they're interested in.  What they won't get is access to live news services and sports.  But, for that there are options. In addition, they can rent DVD movies from the ubiquitously-located RedBox at a cost that is at least a third of what satellite/cable companies will charge for their video on demand.

But, the ability to cut the cord doesn't stop there.  Take for example SlingTV.  Accessible on devices like Roku, your smart TV or, as an app on your smart phone or tablet, SlingTV provides access to ESPN, Espn2, AMC, the Food Network, A&E, History Channel, TNT, CNN, Lifetime, The Cartoon Network, IFC, and so much more.  For just $20/month you currently can get 23 cable channels; and in addition, you can add packages for HBO, sports, kids, lifestyle, and Spanish language programming. (note: SlingTV doesn't allow multiple simultaneous access using a single account number.). There are also services like USTVNow which might have an even more desirable lineup of 25 channels for $29/month.  In 2016, Apple is expected to introduce its own AppleTV with an expected 25 channel lineup.  Currently, a less than $100 on-time Roku set-top box offers over 3,000 channels for your viewing pleasure. 99.9% free of charge.

The bottom line is that the business model of cable/satellite has been broken by the Internet.  To survive, they will have to make changes; with either ala carte services or smaller, user-tailored, low cost packages.  I also think its just a matter of time that popular cable networks go it alone by offering Internet access at a cost of $2 to $5 a month, and provide their own advertising for additional revenue.  Premium HBO service is now available without cable or satellite with its $14.95/month HBO Now service.  All you need is the internet and a supported device.

Right now, America is standing at the precipice of extraordinary choices in television viewing; both for cost and viewing options.  Say "bye-bye" to cable and satellite! 


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Why Your Cable Bill Is Going Up Again in 2015 -- Sports:

Changing Channels: Americans only view 17 channels despite a record number to choose from:

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Record Heat? Where Are the Records Being Broken?

By presenting the following map, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) claims that the first 6 months of this year continued the earth's record setting warming trend:

Of course, this follows a similar map that claims 2014 was the hottest year on record:

In both of these maps, the darker pink is where temperatures are much warmer than normal and the red is where record heat has occurred.  For the U.S., the only area on these two maps where there was record heat was on the West Coast.  Most consistently, in the cities on California's coast line.

Logically, it would follow that if records are being set, previous records would have to fall.  So, I went to the weather site Intellicast and found the current weather data for the following California cities: San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Once there, I clicked on the "Historical Averages" section which brought me to a webpage where you not only get average temperatures, rainfall, etc., you also can look at record highs for each day of the year and in what year that record was set.  Checking all 365 days of weather records for those three cities, not one record high temperature was broken in either 2014 or 2015.  In fact, many of the record highs for any given day go back decades.  For example, the hottest single-day record for the month of July was set in 1930.

Is this proof that global warming and NOAA (including NASA) are all frauds?  Perhaps the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated on mankind (see link below).


The First Half of 2015 Was the Hottest Ever:

NASA, NOAA Find 2014 Warmest Year in Modern Record:

Intellicast Historical Data for San Diego:

Intellicast Historical Data for Los Angeles:

Intellicast Historical Data for San Fransisco:

The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time--Part VI:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ashley Madison: 39 Million Divorces?

On the morning that the Ashley Madison hook-up-and-cheat-on-a-spouse website was hacked, and the data of 39 million of its subscribers was posted, I took the following screen shot:

It is amazing to me that they are still portraying themselves as protectors of people's privacy. Subscribers have a lot more than just a little digital "lipstick on their collars". Their user data and private "kinky" thoughts are out on the Internet for all to see. A little treasure trove of information for any divorce proceeding. If I had to bet on who hacked into Ashley Madison in the first place, I'd say it was a consortium of international divorce lawyers. Ya think?


Hackers Finally Post Stolen Ashley Madison Data:

Ashley Madison International Website:


Monday, August 24, 2015

The Repeal of the 14th Amendment Is Not Needed To Solve the "Anchor Baby" Issue

Leave it to Donald Trump to start one firestorm after another regarding illegal immigration.  His latest is his promise to deport all illegals and their children; even if they were born in the U.S.

Of course, this has led to a chorus of denunciation because it would violate the 14th Amendment to the constitution which guarantees citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil; and, you can't deport citizens even if their parents are here illegally.  Thus, the term "anchor babies" came to our lexicon because no one wants to separate parents from their children by deporting those parents.  The fact that "anchor babies" has become offensive is because the political left has made it so in an effort to promote amnesty and citizenship for illegals.

Others have commented that it would be a massive undertaking to override an amendment to the Constitution in order to address the problem.

Now, I have to admit that it has been decades since I read the 14th amendment, and like everybody else, I just remember that the first sentence does guarantee citizenship to any baby born here.  Here is the actual text of Section 1:
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.
Yes, it says what it says.  But, as many defenders of Trump have pointed out, most people neglect to recall Section 5 which is a one sentence article and simply states:
The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
So, a new amendment is not needed.  Congress has the power to either let the first sentence stand as is, or limit it to exclude babies born to non-citizens.  Maybe the folks at the liberal-leaning Washington Post should actually read the whole law before they proclaim that "Donald Trump and Scott Walker want to repeal birthright citizenship. It's nearly impossible."

Also understand that the only reason the 14th Amendment exists is to insure that babies born to slaves and American Indians were citizens and to combat state laws that were attempting to deny citizenship to these individuals with things like "Black Codes".   So, the concept of "anchor babies" was never the original intent.  For this reason, I think that, if it was ever adjudicated by the Supreme Court, the intent of the law would override the extension to include "anchor babies".


14th Amendment of the Constitution:

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Levin: Cruz, Trump, Sessions 'Are Right,' 14th Amendment Doesn't Mandate Birthright Citizenship:

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Inequality: Hillary's Vacation in the Hampton's

Hillary Clinton is always talking about income inequality on the campaign trail; excoriating CEO's for their million dollar plus salaries and benefits. Once, she said we need to "topple" the top one percent of all wage earners in the country.  She should look in the mirror. She is in that one percent.

While taking a break from campaigning, she and Bill will spend two weeks in the Hampton's in a multi-million dollar mansion at a rental cost of $100,000 for two weeks.  That's almost twice what the average family makes in a year, and it's 2-1/2 times what the average home in bankrupt, beat down Detroit sells for.

Enough with the hypocrisy!


Hillary: We Must Topple the 1 Percent:

Hillary Clinton surprises with early attack on CEO pay:

Hillary Clinton Highlights Income Inequality: 

EXCLUSIVE: Sea views, sweeping lawns, and a private beach - how Hillary Clinton plans to spend break from campaigning among 'ordinary Americans' in $50,000-a-week Hamptons home:

Median Sales Price in Detroit - Trulia:

Median Household Income:

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hilllary's Debt-Free College Plan

Probably, the most well known rule of economics is the Law of Supply and Demand. Simply, when demand is higher than supply, prices will rise.  When, supply is higher than demand, prices will fall.

For decades, college tuition has been rising faster than inflation because of high demand and limited supply.  There is just too much money available in the form of loans and grants to send nearly anyone to college; qualified or not.
Now, in an effort to garner the votes of current and future college students and their parents, Hillary Clinton has announced a $350 billion dollar tax payer giveaway to essentially make tuition non-existent for public colleges and universities; and, as such, increase demand.  This will do nothing but accelerate the cost of a college education.  And, instead of the student bearing that cost, the tax payer will be on the hook for it.  This is what is so wrong with the "free" mentality of liberal Democrats.

If we want to reverse the high cost of higher education in this country, we need to lower the demand and increase the supply of post-high school education alternatives.  Last December, CBS news reported this:
"At most public universities across the U.S., only 19 percent of full-time students manage to earn their bachelor's degree on time. At flagship schools, which typically serve as the premiere public university in their respective states, 36 percent graduate in four years."
While CBS News (and Hillary) might argue costs as one of the primary reasons for this failure, US News & World Report says that college readiness is the primary reason.

The reality is that we are sending too many people to college who are unprepared.  That is a waste of both time and money and why we need to reduce the demand for college by better screening those who are unprepared to attend.  We shouldn't give loans to people who won't graduate and who won't get good enough jobs to pay those loans back.

At the same time,  this country would be better served by spending billions of dollars to create trade schools in conjunction with major businesses.  We should also invest in alternatives to brick-and-mortar schools with the increase in taxpayer funded online Universities.  That, to me, would be a plan.


Hillary Clinton to roll out $350 billion college plan -

Why your child won't graduate from college on time:

High School Students Not Prepared for College, Career:

Hillary: From Email-Gate to Toilet-Gate

Hillary's lies about her email's just keep getting deeper and deeper.  Last March the Washington Post published this about her private server:
Tuesday, Clinton said the server was set up for her husband, former president Bill Clinton, at their house in Chappaqua, N.Y., which she said was guarded by the Secret Service. “I think . . . the use of the server . . . certainly proved to be effective and secure,” she said.
Now, we find out that the server was never in Chappaqua or protected by the Secret Service.  Instead, it was located thousands of miles away in a bathroom closet in an apartment in Denver, Colorado; and the only secret "service" protecting her classified State Department emails was a toilet.  Perhaps the server's location was precisely selected in order to provide some interesting reading material for people using the, well, you know.

I guess Hillary could argue that it was "effective and secure" based on the fact that it wasn't a public restroom in Grand Central Station. Thank God for that!


Security of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server comes under scrutiny:

Report: Hillary's Email Server Was Kept in a Bathroom Closet in Denver:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Obama Economy: The True War on Women

Last month, a record 93.8 million Americans weren't working.  Of that number, 60% or 56.2 million were women.  Another record. 

The simple fact is that women are being disproportionately hurt by a slow economy under this President's watch.  As such, the women that were such a strong part of Obama's winning coalition are now turning away from Hillary Clinton. A surprising fact when you think that she might be this nation's first woman President.  There is no enthusiasm. In a recent survey, 56% of women polled say they voted for Obama in 2012.  Now, only 49% of those polled say they are interested in voting Democrat again in 2016.


Record 93,770,000 Americans Not In The Labor Force:

Record 56,209,000 Women Not In The Labor Force:

President Obama has presided over an economic recovery — now more than six years old — that is far worse than all the previous 10 stretching back 70 years:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Can You Afford A Big Mac Meal Date on a $31,000 a Year Salary?

The Los Angeles City Council recently voted in a $15 an hour minimum wage by 2020.  Therefore, the lowest paid McDonald's worker will be paid that wage; but, because nearly all McDonald's employees make less than $15 an hour, all workers should, and probably will, get a similar increase.

Back in 2013 and based on 2012 prices, it was determined that the average  Big Mac would jump $1.28 if the minimum wage increased from $7.25 to $15.  This was based on the average price of a Bic Mac at $4.20.  Mathematically, this means a  30.4% increase in price.  It also means a roughly 4% increase  for every dollar of minimum wage increase, and this is before any other inflationary costs for food, utilities, etc. are factored in.

 Of course,nobody just buys a Big Mac.  They usually buy a "Meal" which includes the burger, fries, and Coke.  Today, with a $9 minimum wage in California, the average "Meal" costs $7.67.  Now, if I'm a single guy and the minimum wage is now $15 or around $31,000 a year, my after tax income will be about $12/hour.  Total taxes being roughly 20%. With the increase to $15, that once $7.67 "Meal" should be about 24% higher; assuming an increase of $6 from the current $9.  Thus, to treat myself and a friend, it will now cost $20.73; assuming a 9% sales tax in Los Angeles.

Therefore, I would have to work almost 2 hours in order to pay for this simple date.  It's no wonder their losing business.  No one can afford to eat there anymore.  Especially millennials with their incomes around $37,600.  A $15 minimum wage just may be the death knell for McDonald's and the rest of the fast food industry.  A primary source of minimum wage jobs in this country.


Los Angeles is the largest city in America with a $15 minimum wage:

McDonald's Hourly Wages By Job Type:

Taxes on a Worker Making $30,000 in California:

2012 Big Mac Price:

About that 68-Cent $1.28 Big Mac Price Increase:

McDonald's Fast Food Prices:

Average millennial income:

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why The Tax Code Must Be Streamlined

Several GOP contenders for the Presidency have said that they would simplify this country's bloated tax code if they were elected.  But, no one really explains "why" we need to do something about it.

As of April 15th of this year, there were more than 74,600 pages of federal tax code to wade through.  In 1913, when income tax was adopted, it was just 4 pages long. In 2011, General Electric (GE) filed a 57,000 page tax return for their 2010 taxes. Using every tax break available to them in those 74,600 pages, GE managed to pay zero taxes on $14 billion dollars in profits.  And, I suspect that a legion of IRS agents were needed for months to insure that GE's 57,000 page tax return was completely legal.

If we had a simplified tax code without a bunch of tax breaks, GE would not have been able to avoid paying any taxes in 2011.  Also, Americans wouldn't spend 6.1 billion man hours preparing their returns each year. 

Let's put the most hated of Federal Agencies -- the IRS -- out of business by reducing our tax code to what it was in 1913.


Look at how many pages are in the federal tax code:

GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes on $14 Billion in Profits:

It takes Americans 6.1 billion hours to prepare their taxes:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A 1988 Video Dispels the Belief That Trump is a Democrat

Quieter, less bombastic; "The Donald" talks up his Republican politics with Larry King on CNN:

Related Video: Donald Trump Teases a presidential bid During a 1988 Oprah Show | The Oprah Winfrey Show:

Back then, it was "Japan".  Fast forward to today, and he replaces it  with "China".

Friday, August 14, 2015

Why All of Us Are Paying For Your Neighbor's Solar Power

Even if you have a solar power system of your own, you will also be paying for your neighbor's as well.  And, the more systems that are installed, the more you will pay.

As much as 30% of the cost is offset by using tax dollars in the form of rebates, tax credits, and other incentives. With actual installed costs being between $15,000 and $29,000, the buyers of solar get taxpayer-supported subsidies of as much as $4,500 to $8,700; certainly making the upfront cost a lot more palatable. 

But, it doesn't just stop with your dollars.

Every time a personal solar power system is installed, the local commercial power company loses some revenue.  However, that company cannot reduce any costs other than fuel because they still have to provide power to that house for those times when the sun doesn't shine.  So, simply, you have a formula for rate increases.  It's a problem similar to the electric car.  Electric cars use the same road that all of us use but pay no gasoline taxes towards the building or maintenance of those roads.

Now, to the big kahuna of why your paying for your neighbor's solar: Net Metering. In 44 states, net metering means that the public utility must buy back any excess power production from a solar installation at, usually, retail pricing. And, retail includes all the costs to upgrade and maintain the electrical grid and engineer and bill for it.  Costs that the residential solar customer doesn't incur.  Thus, some public utilities must raise prices to cover operational costs that have been lost to net metering.  However, now with the advent of smart meters, the utilities are in the position to measure how much excess energy they are paying for and are better positioned to only pay wholesale for it; a fact that has greatly increased the breakeven point that the customer would see when making a decision to buy solar.

The reality is that solar is not cost effective and in order to make it cost effective, every non-solar customer is paying heavily.  This is especially true for the poor, who in no way, could afford to shell out thousands of dollars for a solar power system; even if their home was large enough and strong enough to support it.


Federal, state and local solar tax credits and rebates:

Cost of Solar Power:

Nevada could lose 6,000 jobs without net-metering cap hike:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Is Mexico Dumming-Down the U.S.

President Obama, as well as many other Democrats, continually tell us that immigration makes America stronger.  But not if those immigrants are so poorly educated.

The 1980 Census Bureau data said that the U.S. Hispanic illiteracy was 14.7%; with those of Mexican origin having a 26% higher illiteracy rate of 18.5%.  So, inversely, U.S. Mexican literacy was 81.5%.  What's interesting about the latter number is that it closely matches the literacy rate in the country of Mexico which stood at 82.9% in that same year.  In other words, Mexico had a 17.1% illiteracy rate.

Now, fast forward to today.

In this country, Hispanics now have a 41% illiteracy rate.  Under the assumption that Mexicans have a 26% higher rate in 1980 than other Hispanics, this means that this country's Mexicans just might have an illiteracy rate as high as 52% in isolation from other Hispanics.  While, at the same time, in Mexico, that country's illiteracy rate has fallen to just 5.8%.  So, this begs the question.  How is it possible that the population in Mexico is so much smarter today than it was in 1980? Similarly, why is it that our Mexican population has gotten so much dumber? Is it possible that the influx of Mexicans are the least literate and least employable of Mexico's society?  If so, this country is not being strengthened by immigration and Obama is just plain wrong.


Obama: 'Immigration makes America stronger' - USA Today:

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Lives of Living Blacks Matter More

In the U.S., blacks disproportionately live shorter lives.  They are more likely to be killed; not by whites, but by other blacks.  Their babies are more likely to be aborted.   Hispanics aside, they are generally less educated and more often illiterate.  They have higher drug addiction rates, commit crimes, and are imprisoned more often. There are higher rates of unemployment. Poverty is common and home ownership is not.  Lastly, most black babies are born to single mothers.

This is a national disgrace. It is an issue that is much greater than those chanting "Black Lives Matter" over a very small number of unarmed blacks that are killed by white cops.

For decades, the Democrats have pandered to black citizens for their votes.  Billions of government spending to better black lives hasn't worked, and most of the things noted in the first paragraph are things that blacks, themselves, can control; starting with the lack of a strong family unit.

72% of black babies are born to unwed mothers. A primary reason that black women are 3 times more likely to be in poverty as compared to white single women with the black poverty rate of 28.6%.  Of all the abortions in this country, more than 35% are of black fetuses.  Essentially, the concept of "family" is missing in the black community.  It is this lack of a complete family unit that leads to higher levels of crime, gang membership, and lower education levels.

In order to improve black lives, we need high-profile activism that preaches the importance of a strong family and a good education.  A good education starts with, somehow, tamping down the education-interrupting violence in inner city schools.  Contrary to what seems to be in some minds, being well educated and having a strong family is not being an "Uncle Tom".  Not everything is the white man's fault, and someone needs to tell that truth and stop perpetuating that opposing and eternal lie.


CNN's Don Lemon says more than 72 percent of African-American births are out of wedlock:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Former Federal Reserve Chief: Extremely Strong and Growing Labor Market?

For years now, every time there is a positive employment report, the President and several high profile economists continue to echo what they had said the month before; "the" job market is strong.  Recently, the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, went so far as to say that it was "extremely" strong.  I cringe every time I hear that employment is strong because it isn't.

An economy isn't strong when the U-6 report of "Alternative Measures" still sits at 10.4%.  For those who don't know, the U-6 is a measure of real unemployment that includes the official 5.3% out of work and looking for work; along with those that are  underutilized or, in other words, working in jobs that are below their experience and education levels.  It also includes persons unable to find a full-time position that are forced to work part time.  Finally, it includes those who could work, but who have, in frustration, stopped looking.  If employment was "extremely" strong, the U-6 would be at 7% as it was in several months in the year 2000.

Then, there's the issue of wages.  You can't have a strong jobs market when real wages (wages adjusted for inflation) are languishing.  In 2011, they finally stabilized following the 8% drop due to the recession.  In that year the real median household income was $51,842.  By 2013, it was $51,939. In 2014, the wage growth was just 4-tenths of a percent; meaning that the real median income -- when it is officially reported later this year -- will be just $52,146.  Thus, after 4 years, real wages have only increased by 6-tenths of one percent. In other words, for every $10,000 worth of earnings in 2011, that same income level at the end of 2014 would be just $60 higher at $10,060.

If we continue to grow wages at these rates, it will literally take another 20+ years to get back to the pre-recession median household wage of $56,436.

Lastly, real wages, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, actually fell 4-tenths of a percent in June 2015.  A doubling of the loss that was seen in May.

Really? An extremely strong labor market?   


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Monday, August 10, 2015

Trump's Attacks on Megyn Kelly Just Proved Her Point

Megyn Kelley is a trained and once-practicing attorney.  As such, she knows how to bait people on the witness stand.  So, when it came to asking Donald Trump a question about his past verbal attacks on women, she knew full well how he would react:

As it turns out, that reaction was mild compared to what came next. A day later, when  questioned about the exchange, he described Kelley by saying she had "blood coming out of her wherever"; implying she was having her menstrual period.  Then he further disparaged her by calling her a "lightweight".  This about a woman who is the top ratings winner for news and commentary in all of cable/satellite TV. Given Trump's past history with Rosie O'Donnell, my guess is that Megyn Kelley will remain in his sights for a long time with even more verbal attacks to come.

Basically, her plan worked. He swallowed the bait and proved her point regarding his attitude towards women he doesn't like.


Donald Trump's 'blood' comment about Megyn Kelly draws outrage:

Donald Trumps Gross History of Misogyny: From Rosie ODonnell to Megyn Kelly:

Saturday, August 8, 2015

John Kasich's Silly "St. Peter" Complex on Medicaid

In the first GOP primary debate, many believe this response by GovernorJohn Kasich on Medicaid expansion in Ohio, hit the ball out of the park:

Unfortunately, Kasich's 3-point justification is so off the tracks it's almost laughable.

The implication that 10,000 mentally ill inmates in his prison system wouldn't be there if they simply had Medicaid is a ridiculous assumption and impossible to prove.  The biggest problem with the seriously mentally ill is anosognosia. In other words, they don't think that they are sick, won't seek treatment, or take medication.  In this country, 55% of the mentally ill suffer from anosognosia.

Then, there's the rationale that Medicaid somehow helps the 80% of the prison population who are drug addicted.  Here's what says about that:
 "If you’re incarcerated you can use the Marketplace to apply for Medicaid coverage in your state. Medicaid won’t pay for your medical care while you’re in prison or jail. But if you enroll in Medicaid while you’re incarcerated you may be able to get needed care more quickly after you’re released."
Are we also supposed to believe that 80% of Ohio's prison population is being treated for drug addiction and being released back into the general population?

In his final justification, Kasich claimed that expansion of Medicaid will reduce emergency room usage.  This is flat wrong and is right out of the Democrats playbook.  Study after study has shown that more Medicaid patients increase emergency room usage. Oregon, expanded Medicaid on their own and emergency room usage went up 40%.  A Colorado Hospital Association study found that, in states that expand Medicaid, emergency room access was up 5.6%. In those that didn't expand, the increase was just 1.8%.

The simple truth is that Medicaid is a broken system because it pays doctors and hospitals just pennies on the dollar for the care they provide.  As a result, fewer and fewer accept Medicaid patients.  A 2014 Merritt-Hawkins study showed that just 45.7% of doctors in five different specialties in 15 markets accepted Medicaid patients.  This is a notable drop from 55.4% in 2009 and, because those patients can't find a convenient doctor, they wind up using the closer emergency rooms.

Expanding Medicaid, hurts the poor because the number of doctors who will see them  gets smaller by the day.  As a result, they need to travel further for their care.  That is, if they can even afford to travel to see a doctor.  Is this was St. Peter really wants, Mr Kasich?  You and other Governors should fix Medicaid before dumping more people into it.

Lastly, he said that Ronald Reagan expanded Medicaid three times.  So, he did.  But, at that time reimbursement rates for treatment were very near the costs being incurred.  Today, doctors and hospitals are paid an average of 56 cents on every dollar.


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Friday, August 7, 2015

Obama's Clean Power Plan: Impossible!

Recently, President Obama issued another one of his executive dictates.  This time he wants the nation's electric power industry to reduce its carbon footprint by 32% from 2005 levels; and, to do this by 2030. In order to achieve this, the President knows that coal-fired electrical production will have to be completely eliminated.  He also falsely thinks that more wind and solar will simply do the trick.

The President's plan is completely flawed and is impossible to achieve.  It completely ignores two key factors: Population growth and something called the "capacity factor".

By demanding a 32% carbon reduction by 2030, he is ignoring the fact that, primarily, population growth dictates electricity production; and, subsequently, growth in carbon output. In 2005, the population was 295.5 million.  By 2030, the Census Bureau estimates it will grow 22% higher than 2005. to 359.4 million.  Thus, the President's plan isn't just a 32% reduction; but a 54% reduction when population increase is factored in.  This is  impossible when you understand the limits of wind and solar in terms of "capacity factor".

"Capacity factor" is what percentage of a day, week, month, or year that any particular energy source can generate its rate of power.  According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA), photovoltaic solar (PV solar) has a capacity factor of only 27.8% a year; meaning that 72.2% of the time fossil fuels must pick up the slack.  But, also, understand that 27.8% is an average.  In December, when the sun is low in the sky, the capacity factor drops to 15.6%.  Wind, too, has a low capacity factor of 33.9%. In the month of August, wind will hit a low of 22.5%, and thermal solar, the kind that energy utilities typically use to produce power, is even less at 19.5%.  In December it drops, on average, to just 5.5%. This is why most thermal systems are built in the desert. Even simply converting coal-fired plants to natural gas only achieves a 45% reduction in carbon.

Therefore, not one of these technologies is capable of meeting the President's goal of 32%; let alone the actual calculated goal of 54%.


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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why Trump Is So Popular: It's the Economy, Stupid!

Many think that Bill Clinton became President and beat George H.W. Bush in 1992 because of a single catch phrase: "It's the economy stupid!".   That may be true since the economy had slipped into recession under Bush.

While we are not in a recession -- at least not yet -- most people feel that we are.  In poll after poll, Americans again are saying that the economy and jobs are the number one national priority; well ahead of anything else such as immigration.

What people see in Trump is his success in business.  A man who can create jobs and get things done.  He tells it like it is.  We're right back to "it's the economy, stupid" all over again.  A recent Gallup poll supports this with 56% of Republicans; 35% of Independents; and even 16% of Democrats saying he would do a good job with the economy.

Simply, this is why Trump is doing so well against his rivals.  He is the only one of those 17 GOP candidates who is a successful businessman.  A multi-billionaire.  While, Carly Fiorina was also a business person, many know and remember how she had to be let go as CEO from Hewlett-Packard; a scar on her record.  She also wasn't successful in her run against Barbara Boxer for California's U.S. Senate seat.  Another scar.

Trump may fade but, for now, people seem to think he would be a strong leader on the very issue they consider to be "the" priority.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Hidden Costs of Dramatically Reducing Oil Consumption

Most people think that "oil" means one thing: Gasoline.

In 2012, Obama made this point clear when he said that oil was the "fuel of the past".  Now, the Pope, too, in his encyclical on climate change states that we need to replace fossil fuels with renewables; meaning that, alongside natural gas and coal, we should abandon oil production.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it ignores how pervasive oil is in our lives.  Well beyond the gasoline we use in our cars, lawnmowers, etc.  Out of a 42 gallon barrel of oil, we are only able to cost effectively refine 47% of it into gasoline.

The remaining 53% of products created from a barrel of oil are bonuses that, in many ways, can't be easily or economically replaced if gasoline production is dramatically reduced.  In fact, that 53% is used to make over 6,000 items. 99% of all durable (non-biodegradable) plastics are derived from that 18% "other" category resulting in more than 40,000 different uses.   Things such as the covering on all electrical and telephone cables or synthetic carpet and the padding underneath.  Even the tires on your car are a result of synthetic rubber derived from oil.  The propane in your gas barbeque was derived from oil.  The roads we drive on are all created with oil's asphalt byproduct. Then too, there are millions of trucks, buses, locomotives, and sea-going freighters which are all dependent on the power of diesel fuel. Oil gives us much of the fertilizers that provide us with such high output per acre.  Do we really want to reduce fruit and vegetable production in the face of growing populations?

The simple fact is that, if we reduce our oil consumption because gasoline is being run out of town, there will be shortages of the materials and products we depend so heavily on.  The result will be higher prices for everything we buy.  Quite frankly, in some cases, there are no alternatives for the materials derived from oil.  You are not going to make asphalt from wind and solar.  Nor, are we going to be flying in airplanes that run on electricity.

We need to seriously rethink this mad drive to eliminate oil.  Otherwise, life in this country and the rest of the world will be very expensive; with the poor suffering the most.


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Baltimore's July Murder Count Is Even Worse Than Reported

In July, Baltimore had 45 murders.  This was a single-month tally that this city hadn't seen in 43 years ago in 1972.

However, in 1972, the population of Baltimore was over 900,000.  Today, the city has a third less people.  This means that, this July, the murder rate was 7.5 murders per 100,000 residents.  43 years ago, the murder rate per 100,000 residents was only 5.

Thus, July's killings are statistically higher by 50% than what was seen in one month in 1972.


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Hillary's False Narrative On The Suppresion of Black Votes

For weeks now, Hillary Clinton has gotten in front of both black and racially mixed audiences, and made the claim that the black vote is being suppressed by the Republicans.  If that was true, why has black voting activity risen every year since 1996:

Source Census Bureau (link below)
In fact, based on their percentage of the population, black citizens have the highest voting participation of any other ethnic group in the country at 66.2%.  If Republicans are truly trying to suppress the black vote, they are doing a lousy job of it.

I only wish that blacks would wake up to the fact she is desperately pandering to them  with outright lies.  Claims like this are probably behind the fact that she polls so low on trustworthiness and honesty.


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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Record: American Wage Growth Near Zero

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages only grew by 2-tenths of a percent in the second quarter of this year.  A record low in the 33 years that this report has been generated.  For an average household making $52,000, that's just 29 cents extra per day (based on their quarterly pay).  Even lower after paying FICA and state and federal taxes. Probably, not enough to cover the higher prices for food in the last 3 months.

I don't think it is any coincidence that this record low growth in wages has happened in the same year that the employer mandate of ObamaCare took effect; forcing tens of thousands of employers to offer health insurance or pay a fine.  Nor, is it any coincidence that 29 states now have a minimum wage that is higher than that of the federal minimum.  A fact that was supposed to increase wage growth; not slow it.

Simply, companies don't have some secret stash of money they can use to cover increased expenditures being imposed on them by government.  As a result, in order to keep prices down and remain competitive, they must back off on wage increases.  This report clearly reflects this reality.


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Saturday, August 1, 2015

A New Low: Cecil The Lion's Killer Donated To Romney

Amid all the outrage over the killing of famed African Lion Cecil, the website couldn't resist somehow, tying that killing to Republicans.  What this liberal website found, is that the lion's killer, Walter Palmer, gave $5000 to Mitt Romney's campaign in 2012.

Thus, shamed by association, Romney is now complicit in the death of poor Cecil.  Further, by extension, all Republicans are also forevermore just as guilty as Palmer.  But, why stop there. We may as well conclude that Romney and the Republicans are all racists because Palmer -- a white man -- disrespected a black country's laws by killing an animal that was near and dear to their hearts.

My God!  Could politics stoop any lower than this insane level of stupidity?  What does a political donation to Romney -- who didn't even win his election -- have to do with anything?


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