Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hillary: From Email-Gate to Toilet-Gate

Hillary's lies about her email's just keep getting deeper and deeper.  Last March the Washington Post published this about her private server:
Tuesday, Clinton said the server was set up for her husband, former president Bill Clinton, at their house in Chappaqua, N.Y., which she said was guarded by the Secret Service. “I think . . . the use of the server . . . certainly proved to be effective and secure,” she said.
Now, we find out that the server was never in Chappaqua or protected by the Secret Service.  Instead, it was located thousands of miles away in a bathroom closet in an apartment in Denver, Colorado; and the only secret "service" protecting her classified State Department emails was a toilet.  Perhaps the server's location was precisely selected in order to provide some interesting reading material for people using the, well, you know.

I guess Hillary could argue that it was "effective and secure" based on the fact that it wasn't a public restroom in Grand Central Station. Thank God for that!


Security of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server comes under scrutiny:

Report: Hillary's Email Server Was Kept in a Bathroom Closet in Denver:

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