Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Obama Economy: The True War on Women

Last month, a record 93.8 million Americans weren't working.  Of that number, 60% or 56.2 million were women.  Another record. 

The simple fact is that women are being disproportionately hurt by a slow economy under this President's watch.  As such, the women that were such a strong part of Obama's winning coalition are now turning away from Hillary Clinton. A surprising fact when you think that she might be this nation's first woman President.  There is no enthusiasm. In a recent survey, 56% of women polled say they voted for Obama in 2012.  Now, only 49% of those polled say they are interested in voting Democrat again in 2016.


Record 93,770,000 Americans Not In The Labor Force:

Record 56,209,000 Women Not In The Labor Force:

President Obama has presided over an economic recovery — now more than six years old — that is far worse than all the previous 10 stretching back 70 years:

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