Thursday, August 13, 2015

Is Mexico Dumming-Down the U.S.

President Obama, as well as many other Democrats, continually tell us that immigration makes America stronger.  But not if those immigrants are so poorly educated.

The 1980 Census Bureau data said that the U.S. Hispanic illiteracy was 14.7%; with those of Mexican origin having a 26% higher illiteracy rate of 18.5%.  So, inversely, U.S. Mexican literacy was 81.5%.  What's interesting about the latter number is that it closely matches the literacy rate in the country of Mexico which stood at 82.9% in that same year.  In other words, Mexico had a 17.1% illiteracy rate.

Now, fast forward to today.

In this country, Hispanics now have a 41% illiteracy rate.  Under the assumption that Mexicans have a 26% higher rate in 1980 than other Hispanics, this means that this country's Mexicans just might have an illiteracy rate as high as 52% in isolation from other Hispanics.  While, at the same time, in Mexico, that country's illiteracy rate has fallen to just 5.8%.  So, this begs the question.  How is it possible that the population in Mexico is so much smarter today than it was in 1980? Similarly, why is it that our Mexican population has gotten so much dumber? Is it possible that the influx of Mexicans are the least literate and least employable of Mexico's society?  If so, this country is not being strengthened by immigration and Obama is just plain wrong.


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