Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Can You Afford A Big Mac Meal Date on a $31,000 a Year Salary?

The Los Angeles City Council recently voted in a $15 an hour minimum wage by 2020.  Therefore, the lowest paid McDonald's worker will be paid that wage; but, because nearly all McDonald's employees make less than $15 an hour, all workers should, and probably will, get a similar increase.

Back in 2013 and based on 2012 prices, it was determined that the average  Big Mac would jump $1.28 if the minimum wage increased from $7.25 to $15.  This was based on the average price of a Bic Mac at $4.20.  Mathematically, this means a  30.4% increase in price.  It also means a roughly 4% increase  for every dollar of minimum wage increase, and this is before any other inflationary costs for food, utilities, etc. are factored in.

 Of course,nobody just buys a Big Mac.  They usually buy a "Meal" which includes the burger, fries, and Coke.  Today, with a $9 minimum wage in California, the average "Meal" costs $7.67.  Now, if I'm a single guy and the minimum wage is now $15 or around $31,000 a year, my after tax income will be about $12/hour.  Total taxes being roughly 20%. With the increase to $15, that once $7.67 "Meal" should be about 24% higher; assuming an increase of $6 from the current $9.  Thus, to treat myself and a friend, it will now cost $20.73; assuming a 9% sales tax in Los Angeles.

Therefore, I would have to work almost 2 hours in order to pay for this simple date.  It's no wonder their losing business.  No one can afford to eat there anymore.  Especially millennials with their incomes around $37,600.  A $15 minimum wage just may be the death knell for McDonald's and the rest of the fast food industry.  A primary source of minimum wage jobs in this country.


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