Friday, July 22, 2016

Cruz Crashes and Burns at the Convention

Prior to his convention speech, many speculated that Ted Cruz would use this platform to launch another run for the Presidency in 2020; even if Trump was President.  But, once again, Cruz proved why he is so hated in Washington.

His speech was merely another campaign speech and had nothing to do with bringing the party together.  As a result, he was booed and jeered and Trump had to enter the arena prematurely.  Of course, by doing so, the cameras and attention focused on Trump and away from Cruz who was still speaking.  Abruptly, Cruz's opportunity ended.

If he thought his performance would solidify support for another run in 2020, he was devastatingly mistaken.  People will remember this for years.  For many, both in the arena and those watching on TV, there will always be a negative opinion of him.  He truly ruined what was a great night of speeches.  On the following day, all the media talk was about Cruz and his appearance, and not about the other speakers. He should have just stayed home.


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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Could Hillary Win with the 3rd Least Votes of Any President?

Currently, the latest Real Clear Politics' average of polls with Clinton vs Trump plus the two candidates from the Libertarian and Green Party, has Hillary leading in every poll, with an average of just 41.5%.

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In the history of this country, only 10 Presidents have won with less than 50% of the vote.  If Clinton should win with 41.5%, it would place her 3rd from the bottom in terms of the least voting percentage for any winning President.

This speaks volumes about this election.  An election with a potential winner that few in the country really want.  And, her percentages may continue to get worse following the latest revelations from the FBI report regarding her email server.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Melania's Plagiarism is an Embarrassment That Needs Addressing

Following Melania's Trump's speech on the first night of the Republican Convention, some noted that portions were clearly taken from a prior speech by Michele Obama in 2008.  In proving that point, several have posted side-by-side comparisons of both speeches on the Internet:

Sure enough, it appears that some phrases were ripped, almost word-for-word, from Michele's speech.  But, also understand, that this constitutes less than 30 seconds of a nearly 17 minute speech:

If you listen to the news media, one would think her entire speech was plagiarized. This is not to say that it was justified, but someone from the Trump organization needs to own up and apologize for it because I am quite sure that the speech was written for Melania.  Letting this embarrassment go unaddressed will just weigh on Melania's credibility going forward and follow her throughout this current political process.  Don't think that a Hillary Clinton SuperPac or her own campaign won't use this in a TV commercial.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dallas Police Chief: "We're Hiring"

Following the killing of cops in Dallas, Police Chief David Brown, a black man, said this about the Black Lives Matter protestors:
"We’re hiring.  Get out of that protest line and put in an application. We'll put you in your neighborhood and help you resolve some of those problems."
What he is really referring to is the fact that we have too few black police officers.  As a result, we have too many white officers policing high crime black neighborhoods.   Obviously, this increases the odds of a white cop shooting a black suspect, and also feeds into complaints by blacks that white cops are likely to harass them with things like traffic stops.

For example, in Ferguson, Missouri, the community is 67% black.  Yet, the police force is made up of 50 white officers and just 3 black officers. In Abilene, Texas, the population is 39.3% black with a police force that is 3.1% black.  The imbalance is also true in Baton Rouge; the scene of another recent incident of a black man being killed by a white police officer.

Basically, Chief Brown understands that community policing will get better in this country,  if the police departments across America better reflect the demographics of the communities they serve.  Black Lives Matter would serve blacks better by becoming part of the solution instead of worsening the problem.  But then, not too many people want a job where you go to work everyday wearing a bulletproof vest.  Just shows how dangerous the job really is.


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Monday, July 18, 2016

Pence and Indiana: The Best Economic Growth of All States

The Democrats are going to accuse Trump's announced running mate, Governor Mike Pence,  a devout Catholic, of being an extremist because of his stance on social issues such as abortion, his lack of support of Planned Parenthood; and of course, his objection to gay marriage.

But, what they can't argue against, is his economic record in Indiana.  The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently released growth numbers by state, and Indiana was number one for the fourth quarter of 2015 (the latest data available).  With its 3% economic growth, it stands at more than twice the 1.4% growth, for the same quarter, for all of the U.S.

What is truly amazing is that coal is an integral part of Indiana's economy, and coal has suffered major losses of jobs. Yet Indiana was still able to beat all other states and come out on top.  God only knows what Indiana's economic growth would have been without Obama's relentless attempts to kill off coal production in the U.S.

What most Democrats seem to ignore is that -- in poll after poll -- unemployment and the economy are job number one for this country.  Pence fits that mandate.


Prior to becoming Indiana's governor, Pence served in Congress for 12 years, where he pursued a staunchly conservative agenda:

State GDP Growth in Last Quarter 2015:

In the fourth quarter of 2015, real GDP increased 1.4 percent:

Coal layoffs in Indiana continue as industry struggles:

Priorities:  Polling

Friday, July 15, 2016

Obama's Falacious "Teen Buying a Glock" Statement

During the Dallas Police Memorial, Barack Obama made a statement that he has made before: "It's easier for teenagers to buy a Glock than a book or computer".  As usual, he doesn't get called on the falseness of that claim.  The fact is, that Federal law prohibits any licensed firearm dealer from selling any handgun, such as a Glock, to anyone under the age of 21.

Now, what may be true, is that in certain neighborhoods in America, teens are able to buy a handgun on the streets. Even so, under Federal law, it is illegal to sell a it to anyone under the age of 18.  But, like all laws, there will always be someone who will violate them.

As I have said before, gun control advocates consistently lie in order to sway opinion in their favor.


Obama at Dallas memorial: It’s easier for teenagers to buy a Glock than a book:

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Americans Waste Billions on College Education

As of this writing, student loan debt is rapidly closing in on a record $1.4 trillion.  But, more importantly, the average college graduate's debt has risen 350% in just the last 22 years while overall inflation has only risen 164% over the same period:
Yet, over the same period, real college graduate incomes have been relatively flat:

Combine this with the fact that, since 1993, the percentage of graduates with debt has risen from 45% to 70%. It doesn't take a math degree to figure out why 27.3% of student loans are in delinquency following the normal 6-month grace period after graduation.  The simple fact, is that high and rapidly-rising student debt, high delinquency rates, and flat wages, mean that our society isn't cranking out enough high-paying college-level jobs to support all that debt.  That fact couldn't be any clearer than shown on these two graphs from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as published by the Washington Post:
Essentially, 38% of college graduates are working below their achieved education levels.  And, only 27.3% of those with degrees are employed in jobs that match their original chosen fields.   Other studies confirm these results. For example, in 2014, Career Builder found that, for the class of 2014, 51% of graduates wound up working in jobs that required "no" degree.  Another study by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity found that 37% of college grads were working in jobs that only required a high school diploma.

With statistic like these, it's no wonder they can't repay their loans. A fact that hurts their credit ratings right out of the box.

So, the solution by Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama is to make college education debt free.  In other words, let the taxpayers pay the debt off.  But, that ignores the basic problem of graduating too many college students for the number of jobs available to them.  For that reason, we, as a country should be de-emphasizing the importance of a college degree.  Instead, the focus should shift to trade schools as the means to making a good salary.  In fact, all of these jobs pay more than what a median college job is paying:
  1. Air traffic controller – Annual income: $108,000
  2. Nuclear Operator – $75,600
  3. Registered Nurse – $64,700
  4. Construction Manager $95,956
  5. Radiation Therapist $74,900
  6. Storage and distribution manager – Annual income: $66,600
  7. Transportation manager – Annual income: $77,762
  8. Police and detectives supervisor – Annual income: $64,430
  9. Non-retail sales manager – Annual income: $59,300
  10. Forest fire fighting and prevention supervisor – Annual income: $58,920
  11. Municipal fire fighting and prevention supervisor – Annual income: $58,902
  12. Real estate broker – Annual income: $58,720
  13. Elevator installers and repairer – Annual income: $65,893
  14. Sales representative – Annual income: $62,000
  15. Dental hygienist – Annual income: $66,221
  16. Radiation therapist – Annual income: $72,491
  17. Nuclear medicine technologist – Annual income: $71,212
  18. Child support, missing persons and unemployment insurance fraud investigator – Annual income: $53,900
  19. Criminal investigators and special agents – Annual income: $53,990
The simple fact is that our society is wrongly leading people to believe that any college degree will get you a good paying job.  When you have so few people working in the college major that they spent so much money to get, it is a complete financial waste, and the taxpayers should not be burdened with that waste.  As long as colleges and universities are able to turn students away because of the sheer volume of applicants, tuitions and student debt will rise unabated.  However, if we can get to a point where colleges can't fill the number of slots available, tuition rates won't increase nearly as quickly; or may even fall as they attempt to attract more students.  That's simple college level economics.


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