Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hillary Still Has It! Losing and Losing Even Bigger

Hillary barely won in Iowa.  Then, in New Hampshire, she totally flamed out; giving Bernie Sanders a 22 point lead.  Most political analysts consider any win of 10 points or more a landslide. So, let's say it.  Hillary lost by a landslide.

Team Clinton blamed Bernie's big win on the fact that New Hampshire voters were inclined to vote for Sanders because he comes from a neighboring state.  But, let's not forget the New Hampshire's motto: "Live Free or Die".  Maybe that is why Bernie really won.  After all that's what he wants.  Free healthcare. Free college.  Free pre-K. Free  child care. Free, free, and even freer.  Otherwise, we'll all die. Of course, his $18 trillion of new spending won't come free to the people who actually have to pay the bill.   So, I guess Hillary lost because she just wasn't as "free" with America's taxes as Bernie.

The point is that Bernie is selling socialism; Hillary, not so.   Thus, if she wants to beat the "Bern" she better start piling on the free stuff.  Hell, by the time November rolls around, they'll have us all living in full furnished government housing. The new Obama-phone will be a free car. We probably won't have to work because we'll all be on some form of expanded Social Security and only the millionaires and billionaires will be left working to pay all the bills.   And, life will be great.


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What's Really Behind Obama's $10/Barrel Oil Tax

Obama is preparing to deliver a speech justifying his proposed $10 a barrel federal oil tax that would be phased in over the next 5 years; arguing that it is needed to fund his climate change agenda for building rail transport systems in heavily trafficked regional areas of the country.  Sounds logical; doesn't it?  Of course, its our deteriorating roads and infrastructure that really needs the money. But, I'll put that aside.

In reality, the tax is intended to kill existing oil fracking and any new oil exploration using fracking. At the same time, it will add 25 cents to the cost of each gallon of gas you and I buy.  Thus, hitting the working poor the hardest and forcing many to consider high mileage hybrids or electrics.

More importantly, because the tax is at the producer level, it substantially increases the cost of exploration and the extraction of oil.  For example, if it was fully implemented and oil was selling for the current, pre-tax price of $30 a barrel, the gross return on investment for producing a single barrel would be cut to just $20 after the tax was applied.  In other words, with an average break-even cost of $25/barrel for fracking operations, many fracking operators would have to shut down to avoid a $5 or higher per-barrel-loss on every barrel of oil they produce.

Obama knows all these facts and they are the real reasons behind his $10/barrel oil tax.


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Oil crashed by 6.3 percent to $30.98 on January 11, as the price of crude oil continues to fall toward the $25 break-even cost of production:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders' Dishonest "Medicare for All" Ploy

One of the most important big-ticket items on Bernie Sanders' socialist agenda is to ditch all other forms of health care insurance and put every American on Medicare.  Even though this would represent a $2 Trillion increase for health care spending over the current $4 trillion in current federal spending, not to worry.  The rich and Wall Street will pay for it.  Probably tanking our economy and making us as screwed up as Greece; economically.  But, let's put that aside.

A lot of people like Bernie's plan because most people think Medicare works; providing 55 million elder Americans with the kind of health care they need at the time the need it most.

However, for millions of Medicare beneficiaries, the system is broken.  In a 2008 study by the Independent Payment Advisory Commission for Medicare that reports to Congress, 29% of Medicare enrollees were unable to find a primary care doctor that would accept the insurance because, simply, Medicare substantially underpays doctors and hospitals for their services.  In fact, the American Hospital Association (AHA) found that, on average, hospitals received only 86 cents on the dollar for the care they provided in 2012; substantially less than those cities and states that have higher costs of living.  The only reason that a doctor or  hospital accepts Medicare patients is that they can offset that deficit by charging the privately insured at a high rate, and if unable to do so, they stop treating Medicare patients.

The reality is that if private insurance didn't exist, few if any doctors or hospitals would be able to survive on what Medicare pays.  Our whole system of health care would collapse.  That would be the legacy of Bernie's "Medicare for all" plan.

One last thing. When trying to justify his plan, Sanders continually repeats the lie, that as a country, we pay the most for our health care and get little in return.  While it is true that we do pay more, we also have the highest disposable income of almost every other country.  For example, the average American had an annual personal purchasing power of $54,582 in 2012.  When comparing that to the United Kingdom, where they have universal free health care, the number is $30,064.  So, it is only logical that our standard of living would result in higher health care costs.  Also, the costs are lower in other countries because they cap damages for medical malpractice.  Not so here, where malpractice litigation can result in payouts in the multi-millions, forcing doctors and hospitals to practice defensive medicine by increasing the number of referrals to expensive specialists and pushing them to order a greater number of tests to insure that he/she doesn't miss something.

More importantly, contrary to the Democrat's claim that we don't have the best healthcare system in the world, just look a this table from a Forbes article:

This is why so many people who have universal health care in their own countries, elect to fly here (if they can afford it) to get treated for serious diseases.  Again, this shows Bernie's dishonesty by making it sound as if we don't have the best health system in the world. Enough already with the socialist crap!


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U.S. Cancer Care Is Number One
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Obama's Alternate Universe on the Economy

Last Friday, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the unemployment rate had fallen to 4.9% -- the lowest since the recession -- and President Obama could hardly contain himself celebrating this feat and taking credit for it.  Then, he went on to claim that, contrary to the GOP predictions of gloom, the economy is "durable".

Putting the 4.9% unemployment rate aside as a mere quantitative number, the issue that bothers most Americans is the "qualitative" status of our economy.  In that area, Obama appears to be living in an alternate universe where his reality is much different than ours.  A reality that seems to forget that he promised that we would see a 5% unemployment rate by July of 2013 if we passed the stimulus package. Not the more than two years later when, in October of 2015, 5% unemployment was finally achieved.

While he was quick to jump in front of the microphones to take credit for the 4.9% unemployment, I have never seen this President come out and lay claim to the following:
  • A record 47 million people in poverty and 45 million needing food stamps to survive.  
  • The fact that real median household incomes are back to where they were in 1989.  
  • That the real unemployment rate is actually 9.9% when you include people, who (1) in frustration, have stopped looking for work; or, (2) are forced to work part time for for a lack of full time work; or, (3) are underemployed and working at jobs they are overqualified for.
In addition, Obama seems to ignore that realityh that the economy had grown by just seven tenths of a percent in the fourth quarter of last year, and overall, under his presidency, has only grown at a rate of 1.78%. Well below the average economic growth in this country since World War II, and before he too office, of 3.24%.

There are many more statistics I could quote, but these are the ones that really impact the average American.  They are the ones Americans feel and that are mostly in direct contradiction to Obama's "good economy" claims.


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Friday, February 5, 2016

Hillary's Only Accomplishment: She's a Woman!

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton is good at pointing out problems in America, and then, claiming she's the only one to fix them.  However, we won't be told the "how" until later; after she becomes President. 

This is Hillary's biggest problem.  She does not have a laundry list of accomplishments.  She, herself, can't even name one; as this quote from a 2014 article reveals:
During her 2014 book tour, when ABC’s Diane Sawyer asked her about her “marquee achievement,” Clinton changed the subject and she fumbled over a similar question during a women’s forum in Manhattan last year."
Talking about a problem such as women's pay might give some women a reason to vote for her, but "where's the beef"; as was noted in that famous Wendy's commercial.  Much of what she was charged to accomplish in the past has failed, like her 1994 attempt as First Lady, to get some bipartisan agreement on healthcare reform.  Or, her disastrous "reset" of relations with Russia.  Then, it was her gross mismanagement of U.S. funding during recovery activities in Haiti following the 7.0 earthquake. Of course, during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State, the Middle East has suffered a near complete meltdown, instead of the supposed joyous "Arab Spring".   Lastly, her biggest failure may be yet to come with the "failure" to safeguard this nation's top secrets by having and using an unsecured, private email server for all her communications while serving as Secretary of State.

Simply, Hillary wants to be this country's first woman President without any real credentials that go along with the job. I'm all for a woman President, butHillary is not that person. People really need to take her record into consideration before casting a vote for her.


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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What Sanders' Near-Win Says About the Democratic Party

For most Democrats, Iowa is part of fly-over country.  Too white.  Too religious. Too gun toting.  And, most importantly, too patriotic.

But, the Democratic caucus has proved that Iowa has become anything but those stereotypes.  In fact, Bernie Sanders' near-win proves that the face of Iowa's Democratic party has moved far left from its traditional center-left beliefs.  Those Midwest values seem to have been torn asunder in favor of socialist values that have destroyed so many economies and countries; both now and in the past. In fact, socialists falsely believe that they can elevate the poor by destroying the rich.  Yet, the opposite is true.  In Venezuela the poor can't even afford toilet paper or milk; and this year, they will have to contend with 700% inflation.  Then there's Greece, where the failure of that socialist state has again hurt the poor the most.

It is disturbing to me that so many Iowan's find this country -- a capitalist country -- so distasteful.  Where is the pioneer spirit that built Iowa?   Has rugged individualism been thrown over for [nanny] statism?  Sadly, that's what voting for Bernie Sanders reveals.


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why the Syrian Refugee Influx Might Help Germany

About 1 million Syrian refugees have entered Germany seeking asylum.  It is estimated that this will cost the country up to $60 billion annually.  However, there may be an actual benefit to that influx.

Like most advanced nations, Germany is seeing a lowered birthrate with an ever-growing aging population. In fact, in early 2015, they became the country with the lowest birthrate in the world.  This presents a perplexing problem: How to sustain age-related social programs with fewer and fewer tax revenues from an increasingly smaller number of younger and non-retired workers?

This is where the Syrian refugees come in.  If they can be successfully integrated into the German workforce, the effects of a lowered birthrate can be offset.  In the long term,  this could change refugees from a financial burden, to the saviors of the age-related social programs that Germany is sure to face in the future.


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