Saturday, May 23, 2015

Obama Calls Cliimate Change An Immediate National Security Risk

Recently, President Obama told the graduating class of Coast Guard cadets that climate change and global warming are immediate risks to our national security.  Well, if that is true, and they truly endanger the security of the U.S., why aren't we at war with India and China over their massive increases in carbon output?
The fact is that, no matter how much we do to control our CO2 output, China and India will easily offset our lowered  levels.

And, I only made that "war" comment to show how ridiculous the President's "national security" argument is. Of course, if he truly believes what he is saying, then maybe we should be at war against the polluters.


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Friday, May 22, 2015

Hillary Impeaches Herself With Her Second Secret Email Address

Hillary Clinton is a former-practicing lawyer and, as such, she had to have known that she impeached herself under the law by lying when she replied to a formal request from the Benghazi Committee Chairman, Trey Gowdy, earlier this year.  In a written letter, she acknowledged the existence of a second but secret email address, but claimed it was never used while she was Secretary of State.

This was a lie.  The New York Times investigated this secret address and found that it was exclusively used by Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal throughout her tenure as Secretary of State.

This latest revelation brings into question everything she's said in the past about Benghazi and the email server.   Its also strange why Blumenthal couldn't use her official address on that same private server that was apparently good enough to commingle both State Department business and personal communications with her family and others.  On top of that, Blumenthal was using access to Hillary Clinton for personal gains as a consultant to the Constellation Group who was seeking State Department approvals for business dealings with the Libyan government.

Off the books secrecy; deception; backdoor deals; and lying.  Are these the qualities we  want in a President?  All this strongly reinforces what I had written in my blog entry of last year: Hillary Clinton's Tall Tales, Fish Stories, and Outright Lies.


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Thursday, May 21, 2015

On Climate Change, Obama Talks the Talk But Does Otherwise

On this year's Earth Day, President Obama celebrated by taking Air Force One on a short trip from Washington D.C. to the Florida Everglades.  As some have noted, that short jaunt  burned the equivalent of a year's worth of fuel for 17 automobiles.

When the President goes anywhere, there is an entourage of at least 4 planes; not just Air Force One.  There is also a backup Air Force One; and at least 2 heavy-lift cargo jets that burn fuel faster than Air Force One. These are needed to carry all the automobiles and helicopters necessary for the trip.  International excursions usually add another cargo jet and another passenger jet to carry additional aides and extra reporters.  Also required, are at least two fully-armed fighter jets to escort the President's plane. Then, of course,  an advanced security team must be flown in to make sure that he is fully protected.  When on the ground, the motorcade causes thousands of cars to be backed up in traffic jams; all the while those cars sit idling and wasting gas and spewing unnecessary CO2.

I guess what bothers me most about Barack Obama and his continual complaining about our carbon footprint and climate change, is that he is one of the nation's single biggest polluters of CO2.

Already he's our most traveled President. His trip to India in 2010, cost the earth an estimated 19 million tons of carbon dioxide.  A trip that also involved 40 aircraft and 34 warships that were brought into the region.  Last year, he and 900 people descended on Brussels for a 24-hour trip.  That involved 3 cargo jets and a motorcade of 45 vehicles and protection by 350 motorcycle police.

Then, there are all his vacations, golfing, and fund raising trips.  In fact, early in his first year in office, he took Michelle on a one-evening date to New York City.  And, then all those one-day trips all over the country to pitch an agenda item in front of some crowd of affected and disaffected workers, or other small group of Americans.  One estimate has the President's personal annual carbon footprint at 41,000 tons while the average American only spews out 19.8. 

Then we have Hillary Clinton who, under Obama's direction, was the most traveled Secretary of State.  A record that her replacement, John Kerry, is on track to break. Of course we have to add all the First Lady's "good will" trips she's taken on her own.

The simple fact is that if President Obama truly cared about Climate Change and carbon footprints, he would lead by example. But, like so many on the left, he could never once consider himself part of the problem.


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hillary's Silence Is Like Pleading The 5th

Under the Constitution, our criminal justice system allows a person to avoid answering a question under oath by pleading the 5th Amendment.  This, on the grounds that answering may somehow incriminate them. Most people, when hearing someone plead the 5th amendment, logically conclude that someone is hiding something that may point to their guilt.

For weeks, now, Hillary Clinton has been ducking reporters and hasn't had one interview with anyone in the media.  When questions are shouted from behind the barricades, she ignores them as if she was deaf.  Recently, her security team was seen driving at 95 mph in an attempt to escape pursuing journalists.

All this avoidance looks a lot like someone pleading the 5th to avoid incriminating themselves.  Her emails? Benghazi? The 'Clinton Cash' book claims? Now, Sydney Blumenthal?  Her position on Free Trade? And, a whole host of questions about issues that concern both her and her husband.

Some are saying this is a smart strategy because she is running unopposed and doesn't need to be interviewed.  I think it makes her appear guilty of something.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Big Lie: Obamacare Has Reduced Healthcare Inflation

As I have often stated, you can always find selected statistics to support any lie.  One lie that I keep hearing from President Obama, Congressional Democrats, and a whole bunch of Democrat strategists is that ObamaCare has produced the lowest cost increase for healthcare in the last 50 years.  The source was a speech that the President gave in November 2014 where he said: 
"Health care inflation has gone down every single year since the law [the Affordable Care Act] passed, so that we now have the lowest increase in health care costs in 50 years–which is saving us about $180 billion in reduced overall costs to the federal government and in the Medicare program."
In making that statement, he is apparently referencing this little-seen, per-capita spending chart for Medicare and Medicaid services:

As I pointed out, this chart has been little seen by the average American. This is because it shows that the reduction in spending started long before ObamaCare was even signed into law in 2010.  Essentially, the drop in per-capita spending began in the Bush Administration in 2003; a full 6 years before Barack Obama was even in office and 7 years before ObamaCare became law.  Also, note that 2013 has a uptick.  So, the comment  of "Health care inflation has gone down every year since the law passed" also doesn't hold water.

Disingenuously, Obama is trying to portray the Affordable Care Act as a inflation fighter when, in fact, this chart only shows that Medicare and Medicaid recipients aren't accessing the healthcare system as much as they were in 2003.  In reality, healthcare inflation has not slowed one iota, as this chart of consumer prices for medical care from the Bureau of Labor Statistics data clearly shows:

It amazes me that this lie continues to this very day despite the fact that the Washington Post gave 3 Pinocchios to Obama for telling it in the first place.   But, then, ObamaCare has always been a pack of lies from the President, his Administration, and the Democrats.


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Monday, May 18, 2015

Bureaucratic Finger Pointing Over the Amtrak Crash

Even before the dead had been moved to the morgue, the Congressional Democrats were "ghoulishly" blaming Republicans for the the Amtrak crash.  They fault the GOP because they claim that funding delays were created when they didn't approve President' Obama's $300 billion infrastructure bill. They cite it as a direct cause of the accident.  But, in typical Democrat fashion, this was all a lie.

The first thing that disproved the infrastructure argument was when it was revealed that  the train engineer took that fatal turn at twice the speed recommended for that stretch of track.   Then, the Democrats shifted the argument by saying that, if the infrastructure spending bill had been approved,  a Positive Train Control (speed control) would have been installed on that train and the tragedy would have been avoided.


The truth is that the speed system was installed but not turned on.  Apparently, the blame for failing to activate it falls on the shoulders of Obama's Federal Communication Commission (FCC) who was dragging its heels at deciding which frequency the train control system could use.  But, the FCC is saying they already approved the frequency usage and the fault lies with Amtrak for not turning the system on.  Somehow, George W. Bush has avoided the blame on this one. At least for now.

Lying and CYA (covering Your a*s) seems to be alive and well in Washington D.C.  Does anyone really care about the lives that were lost and the people who were injured, or are we just taking advantage of another political opportunity?


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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Is Fox News' Liberal Kirsten Powers Becoming A Conservative?

Kirsten Powers, a liberal commentator on Fox News and long-time Democrat insider, might just be morphing into a conservative in real time.  I first sensed this when she had to publicly admit that ObamaCare resulted in her losing her health insurance and that the replacement was substantially higher in cost; not lower.

Then, she wrote and released a book titled "The Silencing--How the Left is Killing Free Speech".  Just recently she penned an article called  "How Liberals Ruined College".

Now, I am sure that, in her mind, she thinks she is just lecturing liberals so they see the errors of their ways.  But, in my opinion, she is on the pathway to becoming a conservative Republican.  I know this because, at one time in my life, I was a JFK, LBJ, RFK, Democrat before I too saw the light.  Of course, I don't know how much working for Fox News has rubbed off on Kirsten but, I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, it's nice to see a butterfly conservative rising from a once-liberal cocoon.  One more for the Gipper!  That is, President Ronald Reagan who also, was once a Democrat.


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