Monday, May 29, 2017

Will California Become a Climate Change Police State?

Last Fall, Governor Brown of California signed into law SB 32.  Under that law, the "state" is mandated to cut greenhouse gases to a level that is 40% below 1990 levels and achieve that reduction by 2030.  But, when you consider population growth, which is the real driver of the growth in greenhouse gases, the mandate is closer to 60% because, by 2030, the population is projected to be 44 million; up nearly 50% from roughly 30 million in 1990.

So, think about this.  Over the next 13 years Californians will have to reduce their green house gas emissions by 60%.  How does that happen?  Think about how you would personally reduce your own energy consumption by 60% over the next 13 years.  Will 60% of the cars in California have to be electric or extremely fuel efficient? Will people be forced to drive less? Will every Californian have to use 60% less fuel in heating and cooling their homes or in cooking?  And, how will the poor comply? California is already number one in poverty with 20.6% of the population in poverty based on new calculations by the Census Bureau.

What if the population resists becoming 60% more energy efficient?  Does the state then start telling you what you can or cannot do?  Can the state force you to spend thousands for rooftop solar panels to meet the mandate? Will they tell you how often you can cook in your own home?  Or, make it a criminal offense for keeping your thermostat a little too cool in the summer or a little too warm in the winter.

To me, this is complete insanity.  Trying to force 44 million people into compliance over climate change will create nothing short of a police state.  But, they may not have to since millions may just leave the state rather than comply.


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