Friday, May 5, 2017

Is "PCMatic" the New "My Pillow"?

Back in January, MyPillow commercials were pulled and reworked as a result of 3 lawsuits and the fact that they carried a Better Business Bureau rating of "F".  No longer could they claim that they were the official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation, since the status was not earned but bought and paid for.  Its buy-one, get-one free was also a false claim because in order make that offer, the owner of MyPillow simply doubled the price and the limited-time offer was ad infinitum.  The biggest complaint was that if you wanted to exercise your money back guarantee, you had to pay a hefty return shipping cost.  Now, when the money back guarantee is shown on the screen there's an asterisk with the words "less S&H".

I am surprised that it took so long for MyPillow to get hammered for false advertising.  But, there's another company that is up to the same kind of false claims.  The anti-Virus software product, PCMatic.   The false claim is that PCMatic has been a consistent winner of every test conducted by the site Virus Bulletin.  In fact, this screen-shot from a September commercial shows two fingers being held up to represent the fact that PCMatic won every Virus Bulletin test in the last two years.

Really?  Here's another screen shot from Virus Bulletin's own website (a referenced link below):
PCMatic "Failed" every test conducted by the Virus Bulletin in 2016; and every test in 2015 (not shown, but included in the referenced link below).  Those big "X's" speak volumes. The "won every test in the last two years" claim is simply false.

You be the judge. Is this more false advertising just as with My Pillow?  Should PCMatic continue to make big bucks until it. too. is sued for false advertising?


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