Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Modern Abuse of the Terms 'Antifa' and "NAZIS"

Recently, there have been threats and actual rioting because conservatives dared to speak on college campuses.  It is best reflected in this political cartoon by Ben Garrison who has a website at grrrgraphics.com:
The two words featured prominently in this graphic are "ANTIFA" and "NAZIS".  These words were theoretically left in the dust following the end of World War II; but, have been resurrected by extremists on the political left to negatively portray conservatives and any conservative political speech.  The word "ANTIFA" actually was coined by Benito Mussolini to define his opponents during his fascist rise in Italy.  It is simply short for anti-fascism or anti-fascist.  The other label that the politically left extremists love to use is "NAZI" which is now commonly used to associate any conservative with Hitler.  But, is this a fair use of those words?

While it is true that those they basically define similar forms of governmental ideology, they are more closely aligned with left-wing politics than with right.  For example, the word "NAZI" is short for "German Socialist Workers Party".  And, certainly, socialism has always been the political goal of the left.  But, you see, in order for socialists to divorce themselves from the stigma of being once associated with Nazism, they have painted Nazis as being right-wing.  So they put Hitler mustaches on George Bush or whoever they disagree with like Donald Trump when, in  fact, neither was hardly a fascist or Nazi. Or, they try to shut down conservative speech wherever and whenever they can.  Recently. a parade in Oregon had to be cancelled because of violent threats, simply because two local GOP groups would be marching in that parade.

The reality is that the "guy" depicted in that cartoon wielding a bloodied baseball bat is more analogous of Mussolini's "Black Shirts" and Hitler's "Brown Shirts" who were jack-booted thugs that violently shut down any speech against their respective governments.  The fact that these modern day "thugs" have to resort to violence and wear masks makes them not "main stream" in our society or in line with the principals of the United States.  I, for one, feel this kind violent behavior is a throw back to the to the days of Mussolini and Hitler and not the other way around.


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