Friday, June 8, 2012

Dianne Feinstein: The Leaker Who's Upset With Other Leakers

This week, the big Capital Hill flap is over security leaks regarding specific details about secret operations such as those associated with the Bin Laden killing; Obama's drone "Kill List"; and, the Stuxnet virus that threw Iran's nuclear program into disarray. On the political right, Senators John McCain and Saxby Chamblis are leading the charge for an investigation. On the left -- interestingly enough -- it is Senator Dianne Feinstein who is upset over the leaks. I suppose its good that there are calls for an investigation on a bi-partisan basis. But, at the same time, I find it a bit laughable that Dianne Feinstein seems so irate over the leaking of national security information.

Back in 2009, she shocked the U.S. intelligence community when she took it upon herself to release to the press the fact that the United States was conducting drone strikes originating out of Pakistan air bases: Dianne Feinstein Leaks Classified Info About Pakistan Drone. Prior to that, back in 1995, Feinstein -- as the then-Mayor of San Francisco -- stood before live TV cameras and completely disclosed intentionally withheld information about the famed Night Stalker serial killer case. Her release of that information may have actually delayed the eventual arrest of Richard Ramirez, by forcing him to move back to Los Angeles where he was able to kill again. I guess when it comes to confidential and secret information being leaked, it takes a leaker to know a leaker. And, for that, Feinstein is probably more qualified than anyone else to head up an investigation into the current spate of national security leaks.

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