Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bob Costas' Gun Control Rant Just Ignores Facts Of This NFL Player Shooting/KIlling

By now, I'm quite sure most everyone is aware that NBC's sports commentator, Bob Costas, used last  Sunday Night Football's half-time lull to lecture his audience on the fact that, if there had been a nation-wide ban on hand guns, NFL player, Jovan Belcher, and his girl friend would still be alive today.

But what Costas seems to ignore is the fact that Belcher shot his girl friend 9 times.  I repeat.  9 times.

This shows intense anger and extreme overkill.   Even if this 6'2" tall, near 230 lb NFL player didn't have a gun in his possession, he could have easily killed his girl friend by other means with the kind of rage that was  exhibited by those 9 shots.  The fact is that nearly a third of all homicides in this country are a result of means other than firearms.  In fact, with his strength and size, Belcher could have easily beat that girl to death.

For Costas to use this shooting as a case for gun-control is simply disingenuous.  All too often, liberals try to use singular events as proof that some government action needs to be taken.  But, more often than not, these events have been taken out of the realm of reality.  Similarly, following hurricane Sandy, liberals immediately called for climate change legislation; even though, in reality, hurricane intensities and frequencies have been on the wane over the last decade-and-a-half.  And, just like liberals argue that you can't send 11 million illegal aliens back home to Mexico and other countries because there are just too many of them, Mr. Costas would be well-advised to consider the fact that there are more than 310 million guns in the possession of non-military Americans.


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