Saturday, February 21, 2015

John Kerry's Very Own Climate Gate

In 2009, the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University was figuratively caught with its pants down wuth something that, today, is known as ClimateGate.  Several hacked emails showed there was a scientific conspiracy using falsified data in order to push the ideas of climate change and global warming.

And, ClimateGate continues today with our own head of the State Department John Kerry.

A few months ago, he said this to an audience regarding climate change and the California drought:
“This isn’t something around the corner. This is happening now...where millions of people are now experiencing the 13th month of the worst drought the state has seen in 500 years.” 
The only problem with that statement is that the current California drought has yet to even match the droughts that peaked in 1923 and 1976.  Let alone 500 years ago.

Then, Kerry is also blaming the recent flooding in California on climate change.  On December 13, he said this:
“This morning, I woke up in Washington to the television news of a super-storm rainfall in California and Washington state –-torrential, record-breaking rain in record-breaking short time. It’s become commonplace now to hear of record-breaking climate events...and we’re still on a course leading to tragedy.”
Besides the fact that Kerry is, once again, flip-flopping by claiming that both droughts and rains are a result of climate change, his facts are flat wrong.

Were there record rains in Washington State and California just recently? Yes. But, many were for that particular date and not necessarily records in the history of either of those two states.  Take Los Angeles for example.  On December 2nd (the day that Kerry was referring to) a record 1.5 inches fell.  However, it was a record that broke the previous obe of 53 years ago in 1961.  Not proof that records are falling daily because of climate change.  In fact, the worst flooding in L.A. history occurred in February 1938 when, in just two days, 4.4 inches of rain fell.

It is sad when our own Secretary of State's climate claims are refuted by facts.  It is also sad that he has been contradicted by the Obama Administration's own National Oceanic and Atmospherics Agency (NOAA) which is clearly on record as saying the California drought cannot be connected to climate change.

One of the primary reasons why I and others don't believe in climate change is because of all the lying and exaggeration that takes place.  Those like Kerry are only damaging their cause by presenting false and misleading data.


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