Monday, August 2, 2010

Socialism Spawns Socialism

We know from past experience, that the welfare system in America has actually locked generations into a losing system for the rest of their lives. Originally intended as a so-called "safety net" to help people get back on their feet during hard times, it, instead, became a way of life with children of welfare recipients becoming future captives of the same system they grew up in.

Socialism is often referred to as "creeping socialism" because it, like some kind of cancer, spreads until, someday, the state government literally runs everything. Socialism is like a narcotic that pulls more and more citizens into its grasp; and, eventually the nanny-state fully evolves.

I often hear people say that the United States is not Europe when it comes to socialism. But, it wasn't very long ago when Europe wasn't what it is today, with all its socialist burdens.

I'm of the belief that socialism spawns socialism by weakening a capitalistic society. With every social program created, workers and money makers have to ante up more and more of their own money in order to subsidize an increasingly larger group of state-dependent citizens. As the state keeps taking more from the successful segment of society, those money makers find themselves being driven out of business and, thus, forced to join the increasingly larger group of state-dependents. Eventually -- too many have jumped into the wagon, with no one left to pull it.

Usually, unemployment insurance is the first step in the creation of a socialist state. It follows the logic that you can't have the unemployed starving and dying in the streets while they're looking for a new job. Then, the socialist will push for a government-run retirement program like our "Social" Security system. Next there's the institution of a welfare system for those who are determined, by the state, to be unemployable. Often, this includes food stamps, housing, and some kind of state-provided salary. Then, there has to be a government-run health care system so that, again, you don't have people dying for lack of care. Oh, and let's not forget that, eventually, higher education should be the right of every citizen as well.

With each of these programs, more and more citizens are being cared for by the government and more and more government funds and people (working for the government) are needed to support the programs. As this occurs, the burden of taxes rises and shaky businesses are forced to go under with the owners and the employees of those fallen businesses being forced to join the increasingly larger group of government-shepherded citizens. Then, ultimately, you have a society like Greece where the state can no longer support itself. Make no mistake, Obama and the Democrats have put us ever closer to the day when that fate will be our own.

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