Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Summer Of Recovery? Really?

At a time when Obama and Biden are sliding in front of every camera imaginable hyping their fairy-tale pre-election campaign slogan of a "Summer of Recovery", the economic situation only appears to be worsening.

In one report after another, we find a worsening situation. The last consumer confidence, and spending reports have clearly shown that people are worried and less willing to spend. The foreclosure rate is even higher than it had been during the last year. Housing prices are falling on a more widespread basis with 75% of major cities now reporting valuation losses. And, as in the case of last Friday morning's report, the production growth in the country is slowing once again. Now, with this morning's unemployment insurance claims, we see another jump in a number that should be falling if we were truly in a recovery.

But, in speech after speech, this President and the Vice President would have you believe everything is rosy. This disconnect is why Obama and Congress' approval ratings are diving to new lows. The people just aren't buying it. If the deterioration continues to be as rapid as it has appeared to be in the last two months, the Democrats are in for even bigger loses than are expected right now. Therefore, I have to agree with Biden that the Democrats will "shock" us in the Fall; except the shock will be greater than expected and the opposite of what our silly VP seems to think.


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