Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fifteen Years With No Global Warming!

For nearly 15 years, global temperatures have been flat with no real evidence of any additional warming. But, my guess is that not too many people reading this blog entry are even aware of that fact. That's because the liberal media in this country has kept this reality buried by only reporting the stories that enhance the warming myth. Certainly, now, with record heat across the country, the liberal media has taken the opportunity to, once again, hype all this heat as being part of climate change and anthropomorphic global warming. But, prior to all this heat, that same media completely ignored the record cold temperatures of last winter in places like China; where the cold was both intense and wide spread.

But, what is really funny is the fact that many of these "greenies" who are now claiming the resurgence of global warming, had just got through buying into a study that, supposedly, explained away the lack of any current global warming by claiming that it was all do to China's intense burning of coal. According to the work of climate scientist, Robert Kaufmann, and his team, the burning of "dirty" coal in the production of electrical energy releases aerosolized sulfates into our atmosphere. Then, those sulfates act to reflect heat radiation from the sun back into outer space; thereby completely offsetting the global warming effects of carbon dioxide. Of course, many climate change critics see this "sulfates" hypothesis as a convenient means to explain away the failure of the alarmists to prove their warming case; as noted in this recent opinion piece by Patrick Michaels, titled "Why Hasn’t The Earth Warmed In Nearly 15 Years?" (Click here to See Story).

So, this begs the question: Are temps flat or are they really rising? Certainly, the facts don't support the latter.

The Kaufman's of the world have you believe that global warming is very much real and alive; even though you can't see it happening any longer. But I have a real problem believing this from Kaufmann or, for that matter, any climate change advocates because, for 15 years now, they have tried to cover up the lack of any global warming. Instead, they have continued the lie that the earth is still in a warming trend. Worse yet, the liberal media helped to sustain that lie instead of exposing it. To me, the Kaufmann hypothesis just proves the lie; a lie that the warmists weren't ready to admit until they could come up with some possible excuse as to why there was no warming. But, if you carefully read Patrick Michaels excellent article, you will find substantial holes in the Kaufmann conclusions. In fact, one can only conclude that Kaufmann's rationale is one of convenience (for the cause, of course) and not necessarily based on real scientific fact. As Michaels importantly notes, the Kaufmann conclusions are primarily based on correlation and not necessarily on causation; resulting in a "fallacy of cause" that is known in both science and in statistics as cum hoc ergo propter hoc (or "a logical fallacy" simply translated from Latin: "with this, therefore, because of this").

Lastly, for years I have been aware of the absence of warming; at least in the United States. That's because our own National Climatic Data Center provides all the information needed to come to that conclusion. In fact, since 1998, temperatures haven't just been flat, they've been falling at an average rate of nearly a full degree per decade. To see this fact, just go to NOAA's Climate Summary webpage (Click here to access the page). Now, to see a 1998 to 2011 annual temperature chart with a trend line, just select "Annual" under the "Period" option. Then, in the two sets of range boxes, set the beginning as 1998 and the ending as 2011. Finally, "Submit" to see the chart.... Viola! No warming!


Drewski said...

12 of the hottest years in the hisorical record happened in the past 14 years and 20 all-time national (as in countries) heat records set in 2010 and this proves that there is no temperature rise? I hope to God that you are not my son's science teacher

Cranky George said...

To Drewski:

Obviously, you completely failed to comprehend this blog entry. The issue isn't whether or not temperatures are "hot" but, rather, whether they are getting significantly hotter; and, they're not. You appear to be too simple-minded to understand this screaming fact.

The point here is that this "flattening" is totally inconsistent with the massive amounts of carbon dioxide that supposedly have been released into the atmosphere over the last 15 year; thus, throwing a wet blanket on the concept of Anthropogenic caused Global Warming. Got it?

As for your son... He might be better served by a parent who listens all sides of an argument before forming an opinion. Something that I can see he clearly isn't being taught.

Just remember this thought when you throw a bunch of statistics around: There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.