Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Obama: Your Marxism Is Showing

Karl Marx, the communist and the social economist, often talked of the struggle among the classes. He obsessed about the class of people known as the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie of society were those who placed too much into the value of owning property. Today, if Marx was still alive, he might just call them corporate jet owners. At least that's what Obama referred them as in his speech at his press conference of just last week. In fact, he obsessively mentioned corporate jet owners 6 times in that speech. He also singled out the so-called billionaires and millionaires. Just another bunch of "bourgeoisie" property owners that Obama is obsessed with.

Pitting one class against another is straight out of the Marxist playbook. That's exactly how the Marxist, Hugo Chavez, got elected in Venezuela and, then, managed to literally become president (or dictator) for life. Like Obama, the Marxist Chavez is also about redistribution of wealth. Since being president in Venezuela he has taken land from the rich and given it to the poor and he has nationalized formerly private businesses. All one has to do to understand how Marxism is in Obama's heart is to go back to the 2008 campaign and recall what Obama told "Joe the Plumber": "We need to spread the wealth around.." However, spreading the wealth around takes a serious toll on any economy; usually in the form of inflation. For example, since Chavez has been in office, Venezuelans have suffered from 20+ percent annual inflation and empty grocery shelves. A fate we could see here if Obama isn't stopped in 2012.

If anyone doesn't think this President isn't a socialist/Marxist, they have got their head screwed on wrong or they are just blindly ignoring the truth in what the reporter/writer, Bernie Goldberg, calls a "Slobbering Love Affair". The economy is still in trouble because we have an anti-business President in office. His fixation is to spend and spend while hiding behind Keynesian Economics as the means of promoting wealth redistribution programs like Obamacare that will ultimately sap the economy and that will only further high unemployment. Just look at his handover of GM to the labor unions as a perfect example of Obama's application of Marxist principals. And, as for inflation? We've already seen a doubling of gasoline prices under his rule and many food products are seeing annual double-digit price hikes. Isn't Marxism lovely?

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