Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Obama and Robert Gates Memoir: "Duty"

I didn't have to read former Defense Secretary Robert Gates' memoir "Duty" to know that Obama has been playing politics with the military from the very day he became the "supposed" Commander-In-Chief.  Almost every major policy change with regard to the military has been done to satisfy one or more factions of his political base.  From openly serving gays; to women in the battlefield; to tighter rules of engagement that may threaten the very lives of our soldiers; to cutting half the amount of surge forces in Afghanistan; to cuts in nuclear weapons and budgets; Obama has done nothing but weaken the best military on the planet.

But the biggest weakening of our military is the loss of the very "brains" that have made it a major force to be reckoned with.  In just 5 years, Obama has managed to "purge" a record 200 of the highest ranking officers and insure that another 167 never get promoted to higher levels.  All because those dedicated and concerned officers dared to question or comment about any of this President's changes in policy.  Of course, this purging comes from a President who hasn't fired a single, top-level person in his Administration despite the many scandals that have come to light under his watch.

Sadly, it may take years, if not a decade or more, to replace the experience and military acumen that has been lost due to Obama's failed understanding of military life and the decades of procedures that have been adopted to insure that lives are protected and morale is maintained.


'Purge surge': Obama fires another commander:

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