Monday, September 22, 2014

Jesse Jackson's Dodge on Domestic Violence and Rap Music

In a speech last week, President Obama called on "men" to stand up against sexual assault.  Often, on issues, he states that he has a phone and a pen.  But, the one call he should have made is to his friend Jesse Jackson for not speaking out against the black NFL players that are at the heart of the current uproar over domestic violence; from wife beatings to child beatings.

As more and more NFL related incidents came out, Jesse and some other black leaders said basically nothing; despite the fact that all of the current "violence" issues involve black men.  When the NFL announced an "all white" panel of women to advise on domestic violence, Jackson acted to condemn it; arguing that at least one black woman should have been on the panel because the demographic of the NFL players is predominately black.

While I can agree with Jackson that at least one black woman should have been on that panel, I have serious trouble with this man's silence regarding black men and their high rate of domestic violence against women and even children.  Statistically, black women are 4-1/2 times more likely to suffer from it than white women.  While only making up 8% of the population, 22% of the deaths resulting from domestic abuse are from black men against their black partners.  No statistics are available on how many white women suffer from abuse by a black partner but, it is probably equally as high.

Jesse Jackson should be standing up against a black society in which male rappers denigrate women, constantly referring them as "wifeys, bitches, hoes, and boo's".  It's also time for President Obama to call out the music industry for such gender based denigration.

Now, this is not to ignore the fact that many white women suffer abuse at the hands of white men.  That, too, needs to be addressed through this nation's leadership.  But, I do believe rap music, enjoyed by men of all colors, should be a key target in the fight to halt domestic abuse in this country.

Use your phone, Mr. President! 


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