Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Silver at a 4-Year Low!

All those companies hyping gold are now telling us that buying silver is the best kept investing secret.  Well, as this screen shot from CNBC clearly shows, as of yesterday, silver hit a 4-year low.

What this simply means is that silver, just as gold, has not been a hedge against excessive government spending.  And, if you happened to buy silver in the last four years, your losing money.

In April of this year, I wrote a blog entitled The Truth About Buying Gold and Silver, in which I warned about the excessive hyping of these metals as an investment opportunity.   At that time, gold was at $1300 an ounce (now at $1217.70) and silver was just below $20 (now at $17.75).  While gold and silver are moving down, the stock market has been reaching record highs.  You be the judge . Does gold and silver deserve all the hype that the sellers would have you believe?

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