Monday, October 5, 2015

A Decade's Low Unemployment Claims: Not a Good Thing!

Last Thursday, the average of unemployment insurance claims was the lowest since Nixon was in Office; at least according to one headline.  Of course, this is even more outstanding when you consider the fact that the workforce was 40% smaller when Nixon was in office.

So, why should I be concerned over what seems to be such great news?

The reason is that, as of a year ago, 34% of our workforce were freelancers or independent contractors.  That's more than 53 million workers in 2014; almost double the 27 million freelancers in 2006 when they represented 18% of a smaller labor force of 151 million workers.  And, for sure, the number today is even higher than last year's 34%.  But, a critical point point to make is that these workers are not eligible for unemployment compensation whenever their services are no longer needed by a company.

Thus, we would probably have higher unemployment claims today if it weren't for the fact that a full one-third of our workforce is now self-employed.

Sadly, this is a growing trend as companies try to avoid the heavy burden of higher employment costs such as the employer mandate of ObamaCare; higher minimum wages in 29 states than the federal $7.25 an hour; and, Obama's new overtime rule for salaried workers.

It is now estimated that 40% of the workforce will be forced into a role of self-employment by 2020.  Not a good thing for the American worker and their families.  Thanks to over regulation of businesses, job security is vanishing in this country,.


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