Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hillary Wants Gun Makers Sued For Gun Violence

In another one of Hillary Clinton's attempts to appeal to her base, she is now proposing to repeal the ban on firearm manufacturers getting sued over the use of their product in the commission of a crime.

First, it amazes me that we even had to pass a law in 2005 that banned such lawsuits.  That whole idea takes the concept of product liability to ruinous new heights.  If we are to start suing gun manufacturers, then why not sue automobile manufacturers for selling a product that was used in a fatal accident; or, food manufacturers for someone dying of obesity?

Why just sue the manufactures, let's sue everyone involved in the sale of a weapon; including the federal government for authorizing the sale with a background check in the first place.  This is just ridiculous, and Hillary has to know it. The chances that a single lawsuit of this nature getting through a federal appeals court or through the Supreme Court are nil.  Simply, the liability logic is flawed.

But still, stupid people will believe her when she says that, if she is elected, she -- and she alone -- will somehow overturn a current law by some type of executive action.  Haven't we had enough of that with Obama?


Hillary Clinton wants gun firms liable for shootings:

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