Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Clinton, O'Malley, & Sanders: American Corporations and Their CEO's Are Under Siege

When Martin O'Malley announced his candidacy, he took aim at American CEO's.

First he said:
"I’ve got news for the bullies of Wall Street: The presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth by you between two royal families."
The term "bullies of Wall Street" certainly implies some deep seated hatred of these  companies and their execs.

Also, he said this:
"Tell me how it is that not a single Wall Street CEO was convicted of a crime related to the 2008 economic meltdown."
Well, maybe because the meltdown was more about legislative and political efforts and the position that Wall Street and the Banks were put into in order to push for low income and poor home ownership.

Later, O'Malley made the comment that he is happy to be 'the last person' Wall Street CEOs want running in 2016.  Which, is not even a veiled threat that, if elected, he would go after America's engine of economic growth.

Then, there's Bernie Sanders.

Early on in his campaign, he said he would be fine with a 90% tax on the wealthy.  He also took aim at 18 CEO's that he claimed took billions in bailouts, outsourced jobs, and dodged taxes.  One of those was Jeffery Immelt of GE who sits on President Obama's Economic Council.

Rounding out the attack on CEO hatred, there's Hillary Clinton.

In the first month of her campaign,  she claimed the average CEO was payed 400 times that of an average worker, and as such, if she was elected, she would do something about that.  However, this statistic only narrowly applies to 350 of the nearly 1/4 million CEO's in the country.  The median salary for those top-paid CEO's is $15.1 million while the median salary for most is a little over $173,000.  Obviously, she wants to pit the workers against the CEO's in her effort to get elected.

What all of this shows is that the Democratic party and its presidential candidates have become more and more anti-wealth and anti-business socialists. This at a time when most of Europe has figured out that socialism doesn't work and are now trying to throw that form of politics and economics overboard.


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