Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tyshawn Lee: The Forgotten Black Life That Mattered

In Chicago, while the "Black Lives Matter" crowds have been protesting over the cop shooting of Laquan McDonald, another life cut short went completely ignored.  Tyshawn Lee was a nine year old boy who was executed by gunfire by a gang, as payback for his father's "sin" of being a member of a rival gang.  The executioner was a felon who should have never owned a gun under Federal law and, for sure, under the even more rigid gun restrictions of Chicago.  But, he and two others had guns that were probably purchased on the streets.

The sad fact is that there are all too many "Tyshawn Lee's" in Chicago and around the country.  Many of these murders go unsolved because people in the community are afraid to talk; or, there were no witnesses due to the all too many drive-by shootings. Far more than the 33 unarmed blacks that have been shot and killed this year by police in the entire United States as of this writing (as reported by "The Counted").

Where is the outrage over the children killed almost weekly by these gangsters?  Most of these are black lives.  Again, not just in Chicago, but in every major city with high black populations. I think "Black Lives Matter" has its priorities upside down.


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