Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Not-So-Grand, Grand Old Party

There are those in the media that see the GOP as being in complete disarray with the nomination now assured for Donald Trump.  There are some that think the party will cease to exist altogether.  Others believe that it will morph into three entities:  The Trump Party (perhaps the America Great Party), The Tea Party, and/or the traditional Republican Party; whatever the latter ever really was.   Each group would then nominate its own candidate for President; something that would surely give Hillary Clinton the presidency.

The reality is that Trump has created an amalgam of political ideas from both the political left and the political right that appear to have a large following, but not large enough to be any type of majority.  Also, his trash-talk behavior won't appeal to the nation as a whole and will only serve to make the GOP into even more of a minority than before.  As Pew Research found, 48% of the population considers themselves either Democrat or leans Democrat.  While only 39% align themselves with the Republican Party.

All of this points to a simple fact: Hillary Clinton will win; assuming she isn't indicted for jeopardizing national security.  In my opinion, the only way Trump can be the victor is if the economy falters and goes negative in the two quarters prior to the election.   Just my opinion.

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