Friday, August 19, 2016

Are the States Signaling A Recession?

In the latest report, the 4th Quarter 2015 economic growth was downgraded from a previous 1.4% to just 0.9%.  To me, and I assume others, this was no surprise, because back in June, the Bureau of Economic Analysis released a rather dismal view of State-by-State economic growth for that very same quarter.  Note the following pictorial that was included:

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As you can see from this map, 8 states had negative economic growth.  Two states, including New York, had no growth, and three grew only one tenth of a percent.  Two additional states had growth of four-tenths of a percent or less.  Many more stand at less than 2%.

The bottom line, here,  is that there are too many state economies that are struggling.  A fact that could be signaling a recession in the not too distant future.


Falling Productivity and the Sad State of Our Economy:

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