Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Lincoln Bedroom and the Clinton Foundation: Same Ol' Same Ol'

Just recently, the Associated Press (AP) revealed that 85 of the 154 people who -- outside of the federal government and who had special, non-State-Department-business access to the then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- had all been contributors to the Clinton Foundation.  Quite a coincidence, isn't it?

Well, this shouldn't be any surprise.  It's what the Clinton's do.

Back in 1997, the story broke, that in 1996, Bill Clinton and top aides had a bunch of broad fund raising strategies which included "sleep overs" in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House.  In fact those "sleep overs"  ultimately, resulted in millions of dollars being funneled to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

And, those Lincoln Bedroom Buddies are still the gifts that keep on giving.

In February 2008,  49 of the famous "PJ Party" crowd were among the top 200 donors to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign via payments to and through the DNC; each pledging at least $100,000 and some promising at least one million.  Even as late as October of last year, reported that 34 of those still-living Lincoln sleep-over participants were continuing to commit funds for Hillary's second presidential run.

God only knows what will be up for "sale", if and when she actually becomes President.


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