Friday, March 24, 2017

Will Carbonated Water Save the Planet from Climate Change?

The world has enjoyed "fizzy" water and beverages for more than 200 years.  Now, there is a chance that it will be the savior of the planet by converting carbonated water into ethanol.

Three scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have accidentally found that a nano tech wafer of one centimeter square applied to water being infused with CO2 will actually achieve the production of ethanol.  While some of the CO2 will escape back into the air, they have been able to convert 63% of the gas in the process.  More importantly, the voltage needed is as little as 1.2 volts.  Thus, a power plant producing carbon dioxide may have that output captured and turned into a usable fuel by simply applying a small fraction of the energy it produces.  Also, the wafer that is used in the process is inexpensive.  Its made from copper, nitrogen, and carbon.

I guess, this invention by these "Oak Ridge Boys" will go down in history with all the other accidental scientific discoveries such as penicillin and microwave ovens.


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