Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Democratic Response To The State of the Union Speech

Last night, following the President's State of the Union Address to our country, the Democratic response was delivered by Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius. In that speech, she consistently said "Work with us, Mr. President." And, to the many who listened to that speech, they thought they were hearing a plea for us all to work together to get things done. But, this was a sly deception. Missing in that plea was "we are willing to work with you, Mr. President" or "let us work together, Mr. President" to solve the problems that face this country.

The "work with us" is basically a plea for the President and the Republicans in Congress to abandon their political views and ideas and completely roll-over to the ideas of the Democrats. The "work with us" is a statement that "we" have the ideas that matter; and, not you. The "work with us" is also a statement that your views don't count. The "work with us" is a fairly self-centered and partisan viewpoint. That is what that speech truly said!

And to me, when Sebelius opened her speech with the initial words of "In this time, normally reserved for the partisan response, I hope to offer you something more...", it was just more of the same old "partisan B.S." with the balance of her speech clearly outlining that. There was no compromise offered. It was just a lot of "Work with us, Mr. President" because (not said but implied) we aren't willing to work with you!

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