Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hillary's "How Pathetic" Comment About Bush

At last night's debate in Las Vegas, Senator Hillary Clinton blasted President Bush for his attempt to ask the Saudis to increase oil production and, subsequently, reduce the world price of oil. She said Bush was "begging" and she made the further comment: "How pathetic!" The full story of her commentary can be read at this link: (See Full Story).

Well, Hillary, at the tail end of Bill Clinton's Administration in 2000, the then-serving Secretary of Energy, Bill Richardson, was trucking all over the world to convince members of OPEC to increase oil production. At that time, oil prices were hitting 9-year highs and were hurting the world's economies and especially the poor in this and other countries. Sound familiar? This is clearly evidenced by this news story from (See Full Story). As seen in that news article, Richardson had been directed by Bill Clinton to ask (beg!?) OPEC to increase production.

I find it interesting that Hillary has such a short memory in her "supposed" 35 years of experience (which she can't stop touting). Of course, back then, it was widely believed that Bill Clinton was "begging" for an increase in oil production by OPEC because the "polls" were indicating that high oil prices might jeopardize Al Gore's chances for being elected President.

How "pathetic" was that!

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