Monday, January 28, 2008

What Does the Kennedy Endorsement of Obama Say?

You would be hard pressed to find a more liberal, left-winged politician than Senator Ted Kennedy. So, when he decided to endorse the nomination of Senator Barack Obama for the Democrat's candidate for President, it speaks volumes.

The fact is that Obama is fairly left of Hillary Clinton; and, "that" appeals to Ted Kennedy. If you look at the voting record of Barack Obama in the Senate, he has more consistently voted with Ted Kennedy (and the very liberal Democratic viewpoints) than Hillary Clinton. Ted Kennedy teamed up with Barack in his push for his very liberal, "come and stay" immigration plan.

Most people seem to be fascinated with Barack Obama in what his Presidency would historically represent or with his slick, but hollow, rhetoric about change. However, not many are really looking at his "real" viewpoints as a politician. Show me where he has ever really crossed over the aisle to work with the Republicans; either in the Democratic Party-dominated politics of Illinois and Chicago or while in the United States Senate? His voting record clearly shows that this has "not" been the case nor any so-called instrument of change! And, Teddy Kennedy knows that for sure! All Teddy sees is the potential for the complete control of both Houses of Congress and the White House and the potential of a return to the glory-days when the Democrats where able to pass, unencumbered, every liberal initiative they can. That's the change the Teddy wants and sees in Barack Obama!

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