Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Cornucopia For Some

For many years, the holiday of Thanksgiving was symbolized by the Cornucopia , a.k.a., the Horn of Plenty. It was a wicker basket in the shape of a horn that was filled with the fruits and bounty of the annual harvest. It was particularly symbolic, because the first celebration of Thanksgiving in 1621 was in gratitude for all the bounty of food that God had bestowed on one of our first settlers to this country: the Pilgrims.

Today, the Cornucopia has been pretty much replaced by the turkey. Some would actually say that Thanksgiving is more represented by football and a rest-up before Christmas shopping on Black Friday. But, neither of those things are in the original spirit of the holiday.

While there are many of us who may have lost our jobs, their homes, or both, we are still a lot better off than the many of this world who will die starving on this day. A day when we will typically eat our fill. As bad as it may seem in America on this particular Thanksgiving Day, it is a whole lot worse in many other parts of the world. For that, we should be thankful. But also, for that, we should always be mindful that those, like us, who are better off in this world, should pledge to help those who are in dire need. Then, too, someday, the whole world could celebrate their own day of thanks; and, not just us.

Enjoy this holiday. And, please help others whenever you can.

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