Sunday, November 9, 2008

Waiting to get their share of an Obama Administration

Every President comes to office with a debt owed to the people who got him there. Despite all that Obama campaign talk about a "new kind of Washington," Mr. Obama, more than any other previous President, is up to his eyeballs in payback to support groups; primarily by virtue of all the money that was raised for him. The list is long and all of those supports are going to want their "piece" of the new Obama Administration.

Just a few days ago, said they personally got Mr. Obama $88 million in direct and indirect campaign funding (See Full Story). Besides Barack's campaign, their are a lot of other Democrats in Congress that are also beholding to Then, there is the Funder-In-Chief, the billionaire left-wing progressive, Mr. George Soros, who has given millions to and a bunch of other left-wing organizations that got Mr. Obama into office. Mr. Soros has a lot of pro-socialist ideas that his money might force Mr. Obama to listen to. Also, I am sure the followers of the far left website, the Daily KOS, are going to want their pound of flesh from our new President. Of course, there's ACORN. ACORN probably got Barack and the Democrats over 2 million new voters across America; both legal and otherwise. Let's not forget the labor unions like the AFL-CIO, SEIU, NEA, UAW, and the Firefighters. Their membership gave both money and time to the Obama campaign. For sure, Obama will become the "environmental" President as he tries to satisfy the demands of groups like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and a host of others. Lastly, but not hardly the least of the long list of lefty givers who Obama is beholding to, are the Pro-Choice groups like NOW (National Organization of Women), NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Planned Parenthood that gave both time and money as well as TV/radio advertising.

Even Barack's kids are getting some kind of payback. They're getting a dog and, probably, an assigned Secret Service agent who will have the sop-up, pick-up, and clean-up responsibilities; over and above just watching the kids. (As a side note: It will be interesting to see what kind of dog they do wind up with. It, in itself, might be an insight into the Obama psyche. Will it be a complacent Labrador or Golden Retriever? Will they buy an aggressive breed like a Doberman, German Shepherd, or Pit Bull? Or, will they get some passive little fluffy thing that yaps a lot and runs for the hills when threatened. My guess? The latter!)

For sure, MoveOn, Soros, and the Daily KOS are going to want us out of Iraq at a speed that is faster than the Obama-advertised 16 month plan. Expect Pelosi/Reid to push the withdrawal by handing Obama a no-Iraq-funding or immediate withdrawal bill. The test of Mr. Obama's mettle is whether he will back down from those demands.

The labor unions are going to want their share. The card check system that would abandon secret balloting for unionization is top on their list. The shudown of any new free trade agreements will be expected. They would definitely want a rework of NAFTA. The abandonment of "No Child Left Behind" and testing is high on the Obama-to-do for the teachers unions. Also, a push to higher pay for teachers is always the perennial hope of the teachers. A lot of groups want gun control. Some groups, like the Daily KOS, would want a retrospective faux-impeachment of Bush. A lot of those groups would like to see gun-ban legislation. Expect "cap and trade" and carbon offsets as well as a push for green energy policies to please the environmental groups.

There will be a lot of politically left ideas in this President's bag of directions for this country. Almost every one of them will be done to please those who helped him. If he balks or doesn't fullfill their wishes, they will turn on him faster than an uncaged lion. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know this and they will be "all that they can be - left" to get keep the support and money flowing into the Democrats and their party.

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