Monday, November 17, 2008


People want Spam. They are searching for Spam. They are willing to pay for it. Spam is hot. Actually, there isn't enough Spam to go around.

Of course, the Spam I'm talking about is the lowly pig product that is sold by Hormel Foods; and, not the email crap that you and I get everyday.

Pound for pound, Spam is the most economical and the longest "shelf-lifed" meat product you can buy. When I was a kid, the standing joke was that SPAM really stood for: the "Scary Parts of Any Mammal". In reality, it is solely a pork product. It kept many a U.S. soldier alive during World War II. In many ways, it fell out of favor because of that. Returning soldiers, who lived off the stuff from breakfast to dinner, day after day, couldn't stand seeing another Spam meal. During the Great Depression, it was the poor's only affordable meat at dinner. Even then, maybe only once a week.

That brings us to today. Spam, once again, is in favor because of the recession that is now upon us. The demand is zooming (See Full Story).

Obviously, there is a direct correlation to the economic situation and the demand for Spam. In good times Spam is the forgotten meat product. In bad times, it is all Spam. Maybe the Federal Reserve should add Spam to it's list of Economic Indicators. The New York Mercantile Exchange (the "NYMEX") might consider selling Spam futures along with their current basket of futures for gold, gas, and oil. With all this demand, we could easily see a Spam bubble develop; and, ultimately, another crash at a time when our economy is already in a fragile state. It could be the Great Spam Crash of 20??. Certainly, the stock and housing markets aren't the places to park your money right now. Spam just might be that place. Large hedge funds and commodities firms could be snatching up Spam on a bet of future huge profits. Who knows? It just seems we never learn from the past. Also, there might be a more sinister reason for all the demand for this meat. Countries who might not have America's best interest at heart might be buying up Spam to further hurt our economy. Yes. That's right. It could even be Al Qaeda who is behind this shortage of Spam. We should have Congressional hearings.

Lastly. Don't forget. At times like this, Spam is the perfect Holiday gift. Think about it. At less than $2.40 for a seven ounce tin, it's cheaper than most Hallmark cards.

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