Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When One Left Agenda Meets Another Left Agenda

Back in August of 2008, I wrote the following:
There are always the environmental and conservationist elitists who are ready to block anything that hasn't been put on earth by God. They will be blocking wind farms because of the impact on wildlife. They will argue that these structures will have detrimental impact on bird migration and their foraging and nesting habits and habitats. Wind farms will pose a threat to wildlife and insects because of the noise and ground vibration they create. For sure, the great "vistas" of this country will need to be protected from these gigantic monstrosities of mankind.

Well, the truth of that statement has truly come home to roost.

At the time I wrote that, I was talking about how the Kennedy's (Ted and R.F.K., Jr.) were blocking an offshore wind farm in Nantucket. Now, today, in a desert area of Mojave, the Sierra Club is blocking the installation of acres of solar mirrors to deliver green energy to 142,000 homes in Southern California (Click to See Full Story: "Clash: Green energy vs. turtle")..

As predicted, the left is its own worst enemy when it comes to its environmental agenda. On the one hand, they want green energy such as solar, geothermal, and wind. But, on the other hand, the don't want the land and the animals to be hurt or even disturbed. All too often, the only places you can put green energy systems such as wind turbines are in remote areas that just happen to be occupied by some endangered species. Or, as in the case of Nantucket, these "green" power producers are just plain ugly and they will destroy the pristine environment with horrid reminders that mankind is on this earth.

When Obama talks about green energy, he's talking to the political left who wants to save the planet from the ravages of CO2. At the same time, he's forgetting the political left who wants to save every critter on earth; even if there is only one of their kind left on the planet. So, as I predicted, groups like the Sierra Club, the World Wildlife Fund, and Greenpeace will spend billions of dollars in court fights to block the erection of green wind and solar farms. For that reason, Obama's dream of green energy is just that -- a dream. And, its a dream because Obama can't please the many factions of his own political party.

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