Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mayor 'Soda Jerk' Fails His Staten Islanders

By all accounts, Staten Island was ground zero when hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast.  It was where the eye came ashore; and, it was extremely hard hit.  People were without food, water, electricity, telephone and cell phone service, and gasoline.  Agencies like FEMA and the Red Cross were urging victims to call or use the Internet if they were in extreme need.  Of course, this is totally ridiculous if you don't have access to any kind of phone service or electricity.

For four days following the storm, Mayor Bloomberg failed this borough by not providing "any" relief.  Instead of sending much needed supplies and work crews into this community, the idiot Mayor sent people to clean up all along the route for the running of the now-cancelled Marathon.

It was only after an NBC news team filmed an impassioned plea for help that, finally, things got going on the fourth day after the storm:

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There have been rumors that Bloomberg has presidential aspirations.  This failure in Staten Island and his silliness regarding soft drink sizes, breast feeding, salt and, now, putting a marathon before the rescue of his people, just proves that he will never be ready to hold the "Big Job" in Washington, D.C. 

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