Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Current Rise In Liberalism Is Actually Being Fueled By The Detrimental Effects of Liberalism

When times are bad, the masses turn to the government for help; and, as long as that government provides that help, it will survive and continue to grow.

This is what's happening in America today.  It doesn't matter if 23 million people are either unemployed or underemployed, the general masses are being satisfied by expanding government programs under Obama's reign; such as increases in medicaid, welfare, food stamps, and with new social programs like ObamaCare.  But, what's interesting is that our current expansion of liberalism in this country is a direct result of it's detrimental effects on our economy.  As our economy further weakens, the trend will only move towards more government dependency.  This is why the voters rejected Romney's fix for American Capitalism. We are literally seeing the destruction of capitalism and the movement towards socialism; right before our eyes.  Obama is, as promised, fundamentally changing America.  We are becoming the likes of Greece and Spain with a similar fate to theirs;  just years away.

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