Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Reason For Obama To Hate Fox News

Last Fall, an internet-based polling firm, YouGov, asked people to tell them what source they trusted most to get any information about ObamaCare.  The results are reflected in this graph:

Almost 2-to-1, people trusted Fox News over President Obama as a source of news about the health care law.  Worse yet, the Democrats of Congress and the Obama Administration Officials only got 2% of the vote each as trusted informants.  Also, all the other news agencies did horribly. This just further proves that Democrats are suffering from a severe lack of trust over ObamaCare; re-enforcing the belief that they will suffer another tsunami of losses in this coming Fall election.

It's not too surprising that this polling data got zero coverage in the mainstream media.  What is surprising is that Fox News, itself, seemed not to be aware of this data.  A search of their site produced no results.

Now, if you think YouGov is some obscure or right-wing, 2-bit operation, they were the only polling service that accurately predicted that Obama would win by exactly 2% of the vote in 2012.


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