Friday, March 7, 2014

Harry Reid: All ObamaCare Horror Stories Are Lies

According to Senate majority leader Harry Reid, all horror stories related to ObamaCare are lies.

So, if you're a woman with late-stage cancer and you lost your insurance, your doctor, your hospital, and your oncologist, and the cost for your coverage has doubled or tripled, you are a liar.  So, I guess, too, Lawrence Basich, a man from Harry's home state of Nevada, who lost his insurance and couldn't sign up for ObamaCare through the failing Silver State Health Insurance Exchange and, then, had a heart attack and racked up $400,000 in hospital bills that he is now personally responsible for, is just another liar. Obviously, Mr. Basich must of perjured himself when he testified before the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange Board of Directors about his very personal ObamaCare story. 

All Harry is trying to do is use the time-honored Democrat tactic of shooting the messenger.  Let's discredit all those medical nightmares as lies and, in theory, Americans will stop listening to them. But, this tactic simply amplifies the fact there are far more negative stories being told than positive ones.  This is a problem for Democrats going into the November elections.  The fact that the President has delayed so much of his namesake law until we've passed this year's elections proves that ObamaCare is one big horror story.  If not, why delay any part of it?


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