Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Democrats Say Investigating Benghazi A Waste of Time. Remember The Bush Years?

For months, the Democrats were willing to play along with the Republicans on the Benghazi hearings since there was no smoking gun connection to the White House.  But, as soon as a very damaging email was unearthed -- one that may finally connect the dots on the Benghazi false narrative and point to the President's own staff -- the Democrats now claim that it would be a waste of time to investigate any further.  Really?

Obviously, that email is like blood in the water and Republicans can sense that they are finally getting close to finding out the depth, breadth and real intent of those Benghazi talking points.  Their sense is that they were all politically motivated and should be exposed as such.  This is very similar to the Democrats spending so much "wasted time"  going after the Bush Administration regarding the outing of Valerie Plame, or over the supposed politically motivated dismissal of the 26 Department of Justice attorneys.  In fact, in 2006, Democrat Representatives Robert Wexler and Dennis Kucinich put all their ongoing investigations into one big failed effort to impeach Bush with a bill that had a sum total of 35 articles of impeachment.  35 articles...35 ongoing hearings.

What Goes Around Comes Around! 


Democrats dismiss new Benghazi committee as ‘a waste of time’:

Efforts to impeach George W. Bush:

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