Friday, May 30, 2014

The Questionable Sincerity of Senators Calling For the Redskins Name Change

Recently, 49 Senators -- all Democrats -- signed a letter that was sent to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urging that the Washington Redskins football team change its name.  Not one Republican was even asked to sign that letter.  Thus, making it seem that "only" the Democrats are concerned that the name "Redskins" is is considered demeaning to Native Americans.

This change-the-Redskins-name demand has been around for years; but, only now, when it appears that the control of the Senate may shift over to the Republicans in the Fall, are the Senate Democrats suddenly concerned over Capitol Hill's local football team's name. I guess, along with the war on women, we are now somehow to believe that Republicans are also at war with Native Americans.

Somebody ought to tell these Senators that most people don't consider the name to be a slur and don't think it should be changed. Further, some tribes, themselves, call their football teams "Redskins."  A Navajo reservation high school in Arizona proudly wears this jersey when on the football field:
No football team in this country wants to go by a term that insults people.  Instead, they carefully choose names that suggest courage, and that demand physical respect, from their opponents.  Notre Dame doesn't seek to demean Irishmen by somehow implying they fight all the time.  Instead, the name implies that, when given a challenge, the Irish will fight to win. Similarly, I think, like a lot of Americans, the name "Redskins" implies strength and the ability to win when facing off against another team. For those reasons, the name could actually be considered a compliment; not hateful or racist as some would claim.


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