Monday, May 12, 2014

Obama, TV Weathermen, Climate Change, and Dr. Easterbrook

Most of us know that, in order to sell Americans on some agenda item he's pushing, Obama likes to use people as props; especially those with individual life stories that help promote his goal.  When it was learned that doctors weren't supporting ObamaCare, he gave a Rose Garden speech surrounded by lab-coated Physicians; even though no doctor actually goes out of his office wearing a lab coat.  When it's a woman's issue, he surrounds himself with women; all with some heartfelt story to tell.  So, it's no wonder that, when releasing his latest alarmist report on Climate Change, he enlisted 8 TV Meteorologists -- led by Al Roker -- to help sell the fact that we need to act now on reducing green house gases.

The problem that I have with Al Roker and those 7 others being used in this way is that they are being  hypocritical to their own profession.  Al Roker and the rest all know that weather forecasting is an imperfect science.  Usually, a 5-day forecast can be fairly accurate. But, even so, precipitation predictions are always dealt with as "chances" of rain or snow, and, when it comes to 7 and 10-day forecasts, the accuracy of those predictions are always subject to revision.  So, with that in mind, every meteorologist worth his/her salt should be the most skeptical of people when it comes to predicting global warming and climate change.  They, more than anyone, understand that they "cannot" accurately predict temperatures 10-days out; let alone, what they will be at the end of this century. 

This is why the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change has been 95% wrong on all of their decades-out temperature forecasts because, stupidly, their computer models neglected to predict the current nearly 18 year halt in global warming.  It is also why the Hurricane Prediction Center is almost always wrong. For example, last year, they predicted an Atlantic hurricane season that would be above average in activity.  Yet, 2013 was one of the quietest on record.  Despite dire predictions of extreme weather, 2013 was also the quietest in many other areas.  There were the fewest 100 degree days than had been seen in the last 100 years.  It was one of the quietest years for tornadoes.  Antarctic ice returned to record levels; and, because the ice was getting so thick, one scientist says polar bears are at risk because they can't break through to find food.  This despite Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth movie showing polar bears struggling to survive by desperately holding onto increasingly smaller sections of  ice.

The fact is simple. Climate Change is a political ruse to push a liberal, environmental agenda and promote the also-liberal agenda of redistribution of wealth.  The core belief that increases in green house gases has been blown out of the water due to the fact that, despite rising carbon emissions, global warming has been on hold for 17 years and 9 months. Now, if you really want to know the truth about climate change, look at this chart:
As shown, temperatures are actually lower, now, than they have been in the last 1000 years.  The chart was developed by a climate scientist by the name of Dr. Don Easterbrook; and, in 1998, he was the only one to predict the current halt to global warming. What's even more significant about his prediction is the fact that it was during the very same year that the world had a record spike in temperatures, but, from that year forward, the rise abated; just as Easterbrook predicted.  Further, he predicts the trend to continue for at least two more decades.  Now, I ask you. Have you ever heard of him?  No. That's because his work is being ignored since it doesn't support the current political agendas.


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