Saturday, August 2, 2014

Obama's Executive Order To Give Illegals Amnesty May Backfire On Democrats In The Fall

President Obama and the Democrats feel they are on the winning side of immigration reform; and, they believe that Republican inaction on the issue will only cause losses for them in the Fall.  That belief is based on recent polling of a cross-section of all Americans.  In addition, it now appears that Obama may sign an executive order which could give as many as 5 million of the 11 million illegal aliens some form of amnesty.  Of course this comes after more than 5-1/2  years of doing nothing.  Proving again that the President's only reason for this action is the upcoming mid-term elections.

The problem with Obama doing this on his own is that, while American's want reform, the last thing they want is amnesty.  In fact, a July 18-20 CNN/ORC poll showed that 51% (35% Democrats, 49% Independents, and 76% Republicans) wanted the most extreme level of reform, with not only the border being shutdown but with people being deported.  This is up 41% from a similar January 2014 poll.  Even Democrats have moved towards supporting deportation, with their number going up from 27% in January; indicating that the current flow of unaccompanied children has soured the entire country on any easing of access to our southern border.

Even worse, in a 2013 Latin Opinion Poll, most Hispanics (60%) in this country don't want amnesty given unless the border is shored up, and they also favor increased enforcement.  56% said illegals shouldn't get any Federal benefits and also, of those polled, 64% said e-Verified should be used to screen illegal immigrants when applying for work.

So, if Obama does provide amnesty to nearly half of all the illegals, it just might backfire on him.  Instead of solidifying the Democrat/Hispanic vote, it may in fact cause an angered and increased turnout against Democrats.  Even by Hispanics. Just in the same way that the passage of ObamaCare swung the House of Representatives from Democrat to Republican control in 2010.  This time, the Senate would fall victim of the President's lawless, executive order.  Of course, this is just my opinion.


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