Monday, August 18, 2014

With The Death Of A Teenager Comes The Death Of Ferguson, Missouri

On either a social or economic basis, rarely does a community ever recover from racially motivated rioting and looting.

What little trust that existed between a predominately white police force and a predominately black community has to have been eroded even further; meaning that, possibly many of the current white police are going to move elsewhere, resulting in a loss of good and experienced officers.  And, equally good officers aren't going to want to come to Ferguson because of its reputation.  Those that remain, fearing another Michael Brown situation, will be less aggressive towards crime in the city.  Ultimately, the town will become less protected and crime rates, already higher than the national average, will increase.

Some shop owners and other businesses may also move on.  As a result, the already high 13 percent unemployment rate will only rise

If Ferguson follows the pattern of other communities that saw rioting in the 1960's, then both whites and blacks will decide to leave the city.  But, the combination of the town's reputation and the fact that many may want to leave, will seriously depress home prices.  Home values in the communities where there was rioting in the 1960's saw a drop in values from 14 to 20%.

The longer the looting and rioting persist, the more damage will be done, but, even now, the damage to the future of Ferguson might be quite severe.  Left behind by all those outsiders who helped foment the anger and rage.


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