Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Business Of Global Warming Is Being Threatened By No Global Warming?

Make no mistake about it, global warming is a going business for a lot a scientists who make a lucrative living off of research funding.

However, for 18 years, despite a near 20% rise in atmospheric CO2, the "warming" trend has abated.  Of course, this fact scares the "bejesus" out of all those scientists that would profit from global warming/climate change research. As a result, teams of scientists have been busily and hastily trying to prove that it still exists but, something else must be temporarily hiding it; with TEMPORARILY being the operative word.  Truly, the haste is based on the fact that, if they can't prove global warming to be real, governments and institutions may stop funding research into what, right now, looks to be a myth.

In the past, we have heard that the excessive burning of coal by China and India are responsible for the hiatus in global warming.  If so, why are we trying to abolish coal-fired power production?  We should be using more coal to save the planet.  Shouldn't we?

Some others say there is no pause. Ira just a fabricated story by climate deniers. While another study blames the presence of stratospheric water vapor.  Almost monthly, there seems to be a new reason for the delay hitting the streets as news.  Who would have thought that there were so many reasons (39 and counting).  If the reasons are real, then global warming -- or cooling -- must be a lot more complex than simply blaming an increase in man-made CO2. Further, with so many reasons for a warming pause, it's a little hard to swallow the bull that global warming is a settled science.

Now, comes another study that again disproves that the "no pause" claims are wrong. The good news is that warming will return in just 15 years or, maybe,  a few years longer.  So, guys, don't be putting your wallets away on the research.  Warming will be back with a vengeance. That is, as soon as the current thirty year cycle of cooling is over with.

Yes, it's true.  So say two scientists at the University of Washington.  They claim that warmer and heavier higher-salinity water in the Atlantic Ocean is making a beeline for the bottom of the ocean and, thus, taking warmer air temperatures along with it.  Of course, their theory completely ignores other thermocline activity that might be taking place in the other oceans and that could mitigate the cooling in the Atlantic. Things like the warm-water appearance of El Nino in the Pacific which is just now starting and believed to be increasing due to global warming.

But, hell. Who knows?  Mother Nature is one wild and crazy gal. Who would have thought that Antarctic ice would be at record levels in the midst of warmth; albeit paused, but still high, or that there would be the start of glacial formations in Scotland where such formations have never been reported before.

If the thermocline theory is correct, then the UN's International Panel on Climate Change needs to adjust the computer models to take into account the work of these two scientists at U of W.  All their "by 2100" global warming prediction models are now all well overstated.  That's because those models don't take into account the fact that global warming will take a thirty-year pause every thirty years.  So, in essence, all the  dire predictions will take twice as long to materialize than predicted.  Maybe, now, we can spend half as much money per year in fighting global warming since it seems we have a lot more time.


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