Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CNBC Poll: Only 24% Give Obama Good Marks On The Economy

Just last week, President Obama gave a speech at Northwestern University to hype his economic accomplishments.  But, as I have said before in this blog, people aren't feeling real good about their particular economic situations because their incomes are still lower than when Obama took office; and, most of the jobs created are low paying.  Note this pictorial from a New York Times article on that very topic:

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This is why, in the latest CNBC poll, Obama only gets a 24% approval rating on the economy; down from 33% a year ago.

However, this seems to escape the folks at CNBC.  They seem perplexed by the fact that the President's poll numbers are so low even with an improving economy.  In the video (see first link below), CNBC's Chief Economist, Steve Liesman can't understand why improving unemployment numbers haven't helped the President.  But, Liesman, like so many other cheerleaders and apologists for Obama, would be well advised to look at the low quality of those falling unemployment numbers.  Maybe, then, he would understand why people don't like the current handling of the economy.


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