Thursday, October 30, 2014

The True War On Women: ObamaCare

For years, Democrats have claimed that Republicans have waged a war on women; primarily over the so-called "reproductive rights" of abortion and contraception.  As if this is all women care about when they enter the voting booth. 

But, an important issue that should be on every woman's mind when they enter a voting booth should be ObamaCare.

Now, granted, ObamaCare gives them free access to some contraception and four free morning-after abortive meds but, that's where it ends.

First of all, the healthcare law is forcing many women, especially those with families, to lose their existing insurance.  As a result, they are being forced into new plans that may cost them little to nothing on a monthly basis; assuming they qualify for federal subsidies, but the real problem is that almost all ObamaCare health insurance policies are actually catastrophic policies.  Meaning that they have a low monthly cost but carry a hefty deductible of several thousand dollars per year.  And, if they don't qualify for a subsidy, they not only have to pay a high deductible, but also get nailed with high premiums.

Then, too, when enrolled in ObamaCare, it is very possible that women will lose their current doctor if they are not in the network of any of the insurers in the exchange.  At the same time, this new doctor may be miles away and only have admitting and treating privileges with a hospital that is also miles away.  As a result, people needing care are going to emergency rooms rather than travel to an ObamaCare doctor.  In addition, because reimbursement rates are lower under ObamaCare, the quality of care may also suffer.

Finally, there is the expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare.

Democrats will argue that millions of low income Americans, who are above the poverty level, will get free healthcare under the expansion of Medicaid.  But, the problem here is that too few doctors and hospitals will accept Medicaid patients because the reimbursement rates are so low.  In fact, only 46% of doctors, in a recent study, said they would accept Medicaid patients; down 10% from just 4 years ago.  It is quite possible that we could get to a point where only a third, or less, of this nation's doctors will treat Medicaid patients as states continue to slash reimbursement rates in order to keep their budgets in balance. This will be seen in mostly Democratic states where high union pensions must be dealt with; such as California.

So, ask yourself this, isn't ObamaCare a major part of the real war on women since it fights against their natural instinct to care for themselves and their families?


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