Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Five Things Obama Is Keeping Quiet About Before The Election

Most Democrats that are at risk of losing in the Fall, will argue that Obama is not on the ballot and should have no bearing on their particular electability. However, most political gurus will tell you that the incumbent President always has an impact on midterm elections.  In 2010, Obama wasn't on the ballot.  Yet, his policies were. ObamaCare and the handling of the economy resulted in massive losses for the Democrats; both in state and federal races.

The President knows this, and its why he's attempted to use a number of executive orders this year to prop up Democrats going into November.  But, he also knows that his negatives can hurt the party       and this is why I believe we won't hear anything on the following five key issues.

Ferguson Grand Jury. It has been almost 2 months since the Grand Jury convened on August 21 to decide if the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown will be found guilty of murder.  By all rights, such a spontaneous event with limited witnesses and expert testimony, should have had a Grand Jury decision weeks ago; and in fact, the decision has been delayed by an extension.  But, my guess is that there is a feeling, or perhaps proof, that the officer is not chargeable and the final deliberation on that case is being held until after the election.  In fact, we perhaps got a hint of that when a supposed friend of one Grand Jury member tweeted that there is insufficient evidence to charge office Darren Wilson. That tweet also seems to imply that there is no more evidence for the jury to weigh.  While some would argue that the Grand Jury is a local issue and not under Obama's control, his Department of Justice is closely involved in the prosecution of this case. The last thing the President wants is an exoneration of the police officer and a resulting riot before the elections.

Bergdahl Desertion.  According to persons close to the investigation of Sargent Bergdahl , the investigation on whether or not he was a deserter when captured by the Taliban, is supposedly complete.  Yet, the U.S. Army refuses to release the results. Nor have they allowed Bergdahl to talk to the press.  My sense is that the Commander-In-Chief, Barack Obama, knows that Bergdahl was a deserter and ordered -- not asked -- the Army to keep a lid on that fact, since there would be nothing but public outrage over trading 5 high-value Taliban leaders for a treasonous deserter.

Final Numbers on ObamaCare Enrollment, Cancellations and Pricing.  Independent studies have discovered that many enrollees are opting out by either never paying their first premium or failing to continue to pay.  The President's Health and Human Services Department (HHS) has kept that actual number under wraps.  At the same time, HHS is well aware of how much premiums will go up this year, but has already said that they won't release any data until after the election.  Believe me, if the numbers were good, Obama and his people would be tripping all over themselves to tell that story as soon as possible.

Boots on the ground.  With the continued push by ISIS to take more and more territory in both Iraq and Syria, the President has to know that airstrikes, alone, aren't working.  I am quite sure he's been told that success against ISIS can only be done with boots on the ground. But, after seeing this President in action over nearly 6 years, we know he will only make the decision to do that until after the election.  Sadly, this "waiting" may have already handed ISIS the key city of Kobani in northern Syria, and may have actually committed Baghdad to a defeat.

Immigration Reform:  All along, we have been told that the American people want immigration reform. Obama blames Republicans for any inaction on this issue.  So, a few months ago he said that by summer's end, he would, by executive order, take steps to reform immigration on his own.  It was estimated that this action would give 5 million illegals the right to stay in this country.  However, in early September, he announced that he would delay any executive orders until after the election.  Obviously, he knows that, whatever he plans to do, would not sit well with a large segment of the public and would hurt the Democrats chances in November.


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