Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Hands Up...Don't Shoot" and What That Lie Is Supposed To Say

There is absolutely no proof that Michael Brown ever had his hands up in surrender, or that he ever said "don't shoot".   One of the most credible testimonies of the Grand Jury proceeding was that of Witness #10.  What he initially saw was a scuffle inside the police car with Brown reaching through the driver's side window. Then Brown ran away from the car; stopped and turned; made some kind of body gesture; and then charged the Officer Wilson ; at which time he was shot dead.

The reason why Witness #10 is so credible is because his testimony squared with other testimonies; including that of Officer Wilson. It also squares with the forensics data collected from the car and the scene; and with the results of 3 autopsies.

So, if "Hand's Up...Don't Shoot" never happened, why is this lie being perpetuated by protestors across the country, by some St. Louis Ram's football players, and now by some members of Congress? Well, as reported by the DailyMail, one protestor by the name of Taylor Gruenloh explained it like this:

"Even if you don't find that it's true, it's a valid rallying cry. It's just a metaphor."
A valid rallying cry? A metaphor?  A metaphor for what?  Are we now supposed to believe that we have a wholesale problem of police killing unarmed blacks with their arms up in the air in surrender?  Think about that.  If that was really true, wouldn't there be rioting all the time?  The fact is, that in the last 6 years, there have only been 5 riots and only one of those five was a result of a white cop shooting an unarmed black man by the name of Oscar Grant.  In that case, the white officer was tried and found guilty of manslaughter.

All the "Hand's up...Don't Shoot" lie is doing is furthering the tension between black citizens and white police. As a result, effective policing in black neighborhoods will be in decline.  White cops are not going to be as willing to confront suspected black criminals, and quite frankly, this hesitancy could get more cops killed.  Police being killed in the line of duty far exceeds two blacks being shot by white police in the last 6 years.  In the last 10 years, more than 1,500 police officers have be killed on the job.  Think about that when you thank about Michael Brown attempting to grab Officer Wilson's gun.

What is really sad, is that Officer Darren Wilson is being punished for the rest of his life for doing his job.  He confronted Michael Brown after he had just committed a strong arm robbery at a convenience store, followed by Brown attempting to take his gun, and then, ultimately having to kill Brown in order to stop him from charging and possibly attacking or even killing him. As one witness (a woman) said in watching Brown's actions: "...all I kept saying was, is he crazy?".  And, crazy he probably was.  He did have high levels of Delta-9-THC (the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) in his blood stream.  Levels that were more than twice needed to cause mental impairment and the lack of, otherwise, normal judgement.  According to the University of Washington's  "Learn About Marijuana" webpage, pot can, in some cases, cause aggressiveness and violent rage; especially in adolescents. This is probably why Brown attacked Wilson in his car and why, even after being shot several times, decided to, as one witness said, "bum rush" Officer Wilson. Further, it should be noted that Brown had 1.5 grams of pot on his person when he was shot.

So, what is "Hands up...Don't Shoot" really saying.  It is saying that the criminal activities of blacks, like those of Michael Brown, should be ignored by white police; even if their lives are at risk.  The only metaphor that can be drawn from that fact is lawlessness.  Additionally, can we stop perpetuating the lie that Michael Brown was some kind of a saint?  If his pot use was at the heart of his behavior that day, and even if he had never crossed paths with Darren Wilson, there was a high probability that he would have eventually confronted some other police officer with potentially similar results.


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