Friday, December 19, 2014

Taxpayers Still Paying For The Failings Of Obama's Energy Secretary Chu

Basically, Steven Chu was picked by Barack Obama to be his Energy Secretary because he was a climate change zealot who wanted to eliminate all fossil fuels.  So, like any zealot, he never saw a green business or green technology that he didn't like.  Even if that business or technology made no operational or economic sense.  As a result, the list of failed companies that he recommended while in office continues to grow.  So too, do the billions of taxpayer dollars lost to his bad judgement.

Recently we learned of the biggest of the Chu losers: The Ivanpath Thermal Solar Power Plant.  Built at a cost of $2.2 billion, Obama and Chu -- actually the taxpayers -- footed $1.6 billion dollars of that cost as a loan, but the plant is only producing a quarter of the energy output promised and that means that it is losing money big time.  As result, that loan is looking a lot like another $1.6 billion taxpayer loss.

On top of the loss of money, thermal solar technology is literally incinerating any birds that gets near it.

That fact that this plant is 75% short of its power output just proves that Chu, and the people who reported to him, didn't do an adequate scientific or engineering review of the project.  It is simply more proof that ideology is being put ahead of all else in Obama's failed presidency.  What the new Congress needs to do in 2015 is to cut off funding to the President's Energy Department so this kind of abuse of funds is put to an end.


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